Review: Marcus (Hell Squad)


Title: Marcus
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Hell Squad #1
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: Now


In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on…

In a world gone to hell, Elle Milton—once the darling of the Sydney social scene—has carved a role for herself as the communications officer for the toughest commando team fighting for humanity’s survival—Hell Squad. It’s her chance to make a difference and make up for horrible past mistakes…despite the fact that its battle-hardened commander never wanted her on his team.

When Hell Squad is tasked with destroying a strategic alien facility, Elle knows they need her skills in the field. But first she must go head to head with Marcus Steele and convince him she won’t be a liability.

Marcus Steele is a warrior through and through. He fights to protect the innocent and give the human race a chance to survive. And that includes the beautiful, gutsy Elle who twists him up inside with a single look. The last thing he wants is to take her into a warzone, but soon they are thrown together battling both the alien invaders and their overwhelming attraction. And Marcus will learn just how much he’ll sacrifice to keep her safe.

Note to readers: This sci fi romance contains a lot of action (think invading aliens, explosions and gunfights), tough warriors (the sexy, battle-hardened soldiers of Hell Squad) and a steamy romance (lots of sexy times between a gutsy survivor and a tough, scarred warrior). So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you!

Source: Review copy from the author

Action, danger, aliens, romance – yup, it’s another great book from Anna Hackett! The Hell Squad series kicks off in fine style moving fast and taking no prisoners. Marcus is the sexy, strong and protective leader of the Hell Squad, part of the military force based in Australia’s Blue Mountains where a small group of survivors hide from the vicious alien invaders and do everything they can to thwart their monstrous enemies. As Hell Squad’s com officer, Elle might not be out on missions with the others but she certainly feels part of the team. She might be small and not think much of herself, considering the society girl she was before the invasion, but she can’t help being drawn to Marcus.

But there’s more to Elle than she gives herself credit for. She’s smart and courageous, not the least bit afraid of Marcus and more than willing to pull her weight in whatever way she can to help the cause. I really loved that about Elle. She might never be a physical match for Marcus or the rest of the Hell Squad, but her translation skills are every bit as vital to the war effort. She’s also brave without being foolhardy – no matter what Marcus might think – and more than a match for her bossy man. I love the balance in their relationship and how they can both push and support each other, once they get over a few emotional roadblocks.

Considering this is only a short novel, it crams plenty of stuff in. Not just the romance between Marcus and Elle (which is by turns sexy, adorable, infuriating and just lovely), there’s also a couple of nail-biting missions into hostile alien territory to retrieve and destroy vital information, and it also does a pretty great job of setting up this new world setting. Yes, I would have liked to know more about the alien invasion, but considering how soon after that this story takes place I can see that there wouldn’t have been much time to stop and take stock. I also loved the idea of smart dinosaurs going interstellar. It’s Jurassic Park with laser beams! (Okay, so it isn’t, but they have poison guns and ptero-ships… though now I’ve thought about it, dinosaurs with lasers would be amazing!)

Alongside all of this there are plenty of tantalising hints about future stories – not least Cruz and the mysterious shadowy lady, Gabe and the doctor (unless I miss my guess), and I’m pretty sure there’s something going on between the only female member of the team and its resident flirt. Not that this is all about romance, because there’s enough action and aggression to ensure the fight will keep going for a while.

Fast-paced and exciting, with room for fun and sadness, this is more than just a sci-fi adventure and so much more than a futuristic romance. If you like a fast ride with some sexy times, enjoy your action with intelligent missions and appreciate a different sort of alien, then this might well be for you. I can’t wait to read Cruz’s story next!

Hell Squad: Marcus is Out Now!
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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