Review: Can’t Resist a Cowboy

cover-can't resist a cowboyTitle: Can’t Resist a Cowboy
Author: Elizabeth Otto
Series: Paint River Ranch #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: May 12th


He’s always been her weakness…

Injured and discharged, Marine Levi Haywood has returned to his family’s ranch to heal and start a new life. After all, once a cowboy, always a cowboy. The only problem? Life at the ranch has moved on since he joined the service, and suddenly his role in the family business is much less clear. And things get a lot more confusing when the woman he left behind returns home.

Carrie Lynn Waite has never known a time when she didn’t love Levi. They were childhood sweethearts, but because of her health, she was forced to move to the city, away from the ranching life. Now Carrie’s come home only to learn her family’s ranch is in trouble and Levi is back, along with an undeniable attraction she can’t resist. But some things never change, forcing Carrie to choose the future laid out before her…or the cowboy she could never resist.

Source: ARC from Entangled Indulgence

I am a sucker for second-chance romances, especially when a wounded cowboy is involved, so I went into this book expecting an enjoyable but familiar tale of a damaged vet being healed by the love of a good woman, with bonus reunion points on the side. What I got instead was a gorgeous tale of a strong man already healing, a love worth revisiting and a woman suffering from her own dark future.

There are no small, silly dramas in this story. Instead there’s a ranch being saved from the brink, a man trying to piece his life back together and a woman whose diabetes drove her away from the place she loved once, and is threatening to do so again. I absolutely loved that there’s no doubt about how these two feel about each other either. Sure, it takes a while for them to give in, but it’s clear from the start they’re still in love, even if they won’t admit it. Not that that makes anything easy, in fact it makes it all the more difficult as things pile up against them.

Yet, somehow, despite the dark outlook Carrie has on her future, this isn’t a sad book, nor is it particularly emotional. Instead Carrie is a likeable woman, making the best of her life despite the roadblocks her illness throws in her way, and Levi is just as lovely, especially when his reasons for leaving the way he did come to light. They’re both strong and stubborn too, not to mention a little scared, but when Levi finally makes up his mind about something… oh, my.

Tackling troubles in a thoughtful way, while tugging lightly on the heartstrings, this is a lovely romance with a touch of heat and a bunch of great characters. There’s plenty of love here, not to mention humour, banter, family pressures and pain and support, and it left me wanting to know more about all of them. Luckily for me this is my first Elizabeth Otto book, so I have a couple of books to catch up on. If you love a cowboy romance with depth as well as heart, or you can’t keep away from those second chance romances, then you should enjoy this.

Can’t Resist a Cowboy is out May 12th!
Visit Elizabeth Otto for more details.


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