Review: Rodeo Riders

cover-rodeo ridersTitle: Rodeo Riders
Author: Vonna Harper
Series: – –
Genre: Red Hot Contemporary
Length: Novella
Available: May 12th


When an expert takes the reins, holding back is not an option.

Enough with the nightmares!

A year after a near-fatal run-in with a Brahma bull, barrel racer Jordan Shore is determined to put the trauma behind her and get back to the circuit. As she nervously settles her newly healed body into the saddle for her first event, she feels eyes on her assurely as fingers on her skin.

She knows who those eyes belong to. Cougar Lighthorse. Childhood friend. Grown-up sexual fantasy. Owner of the bull that almost killed her.

Cougar always told himself there could never be anything between him and his father’sboss’s daughter, but he feels responsible for her accident. It’s up to him to guide her back to top competition form, mentally…and physically.

Jordan draws on Cougar’s strength, basks in the heat that flares between them. But the inner fire that drives her back to the arena has nothing to do with courage…and everythingto do with the one secret she can never tell him.

Warning: Cougar Lighthorse is everything no woman can resist: equal parts Native American, expert horseman, sexy hands, smokin’ body, and igniter of carnal fires.

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

This is a short, sexy read about a cowgirl in search of confidence and the hot cowboy who plans to give it to her… and help her with her confidence too, of course *nudgewink* It’s easy to read and some aspects of it are nicely enjoyable. Yet, somehow, oddly enough, I didn’t find it all that sexy. The sex scenes didn’t work for me. I think it’s the way Cougar handles Jordan – she seems to enjoy it, but ow! I wanted to fold my arms over my chest in sympathy.

I also found some of the dialogue in the meaningful conversations a bit confused, so it sometimes seemed like they were saying one thing, but Jordan’s own conclusions led to something else. It might also have been nice if Cougar had pursued the talk on why she was with him, because he seemed disappointed, yet it never comes up again.

However, underneath all that there’s an interesting tale of how Jordan pieces herself back together again following her accident and how she overcomes her fear – particular of the bull, Rampage, who did the damage. I might have liked a bit more discussion between Jordan and Cougar about their future, but this is short, it has plenty of sex and there are cowboys. That’s plenty of boxes ticked for plenty of people and it takes next to no time to read.

Rodeo Riders is out May 12th!
Visit Vonna Harper for more details.


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