Review: Finding the One

cover-finding the oneTitle: Finding the One
Author: Rochelle French
Series: Meadowview Heat #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: Now


Art photographer Mac Johns moved to the small town of Meadowview to reinvigorate his artistic career. And he’s finally found his muse—the gorgeous and amazingly sexy woman with whom he just had a one-night-stand. Trudy Prendergast is a former model whose career in high fashion tanked after nude photographs of her were publically insulted. In a really bad case of mistaken identity, Trudy signs a contract with Mac, thinking she’d be modeling for his sculptor father. Whoops!

When passion heats up between them again, Mac lets Trudy out of the contract, unwilling to risk her career even though his photographs of her could put him back on the map as one of the world’s best art photographers.

Finding someone who could see Trudy for her true self once seemed impossible. But Mac seems to see her—to see her beauty, inside and out. And when Trudy discovers what Mac has given up to protect her, she’s suddenly torn between two options: lose the lucrative contract she’s been working so hard to win…or lose Mac.

Source: Review copy from Bloomfield Publishing via NetGalley

This has definitely been my favourite of the Meadowview Heat series that I’ve read so far. Mac is an art photographer who hasn’t attempted to show his work for four years, while Trudy is a model who has essentially been hiding herself away for almost as long. Mac lost his muse after his mother died from cancer, while Trudy lost her self-confidence after surgery left her carrying a bit of weight and nude photos of her became an Internet joke. But Mac’s willing to try again – especially with Trudy. Except while Trudy is perfectly willing to pose naked when she thinks the artist she’ll be working with is a sculpture, photography is a different thing altogether.

When it comes to chemistry, there’s no denying what these two could create between them. But when it comes to art… things might be a little more tricky.

I really enjoyed this book, with its mix of humour and bruised egos. Right from the opening, where Trudy is trying to figure out how to remove a grape from her cleavage in a classy manner, I knew this would be fun. And it definitely is, including one of the most awkward sex scenes I’ve read in a while and continuing with a destructive goat, a braying donkey and doll fashion shows. It’s cute and fun and Mac and Trudy are so perfect together.

Of course nothing is that easy or straightforward, and while Mac has a few hangups about his art, the pain in this book really belongs to Trudy. I thought her troubles were handled really well, from the way she felt to the way she pulled back from her sister, right through her revelations and the way she’s encouraged (and pushed) to move past it and into the future. There’s no quick fix here (that would be impossible), but I liked how her issues were neither brushed off nor blown up to make her feel less or somehow broken. Yes, it makes her a little irrational at times, but in understandable ways. I thought it was handled gracefully, although I would have liked if she and Mac had talked more about the future and what it meant for them.

Overall this was a lovely read, not too long, nothing too emotional but not overly sweet either. It’s fun, it has deeper moments and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Fans of the series will enjoy brief glimpses of old characters, but newcomers to Meadowview won’t feel left out either.

Finding the One is Out Now!
Visit Rochelle French for more details.


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