Review: Unbearable Desire

cover-unbearable desireTitle: Unbearable Desire
Author: Vivi Andrews
Series: Lone Pine Pride #4
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Available: May 19th


Their history? Complicated. Their chemistry? Incendiary.

Ten years ago, Moira shared one hot night with the bear-shifter of her dreams, but when she took him up on his offer to join him at the Lone Pine Pride, reality landed with a thud. She quickly realized that he was only looking for a momentary distraction, not a happily ever after.She’s been trying to get over him ever since, but no other shifter has measured up to the big bad bear.

When Hugo met Moira in a Yukon bar, he poured out his unrequited love for his alpha’s mate as he pounded down drinks. While Hugo remembers telling Moira he was emotionally unavailable, apparently she only heard his need for sexual healing.

He’s always felt guilty for unintentionally leading her on. But now that the woman he thought he wanted is finally available, he’s beginning to wonder if the one he really needs is the woman with whom he shared one incendiary night—then let slip through his fingers.

Warning: This book contains a stubborn old bear, mixed messages, mixed-up emotions,and lots of mixed drinks. Before reading, remember that the best cure for a hangover is NOT “hair of the bear”.

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

This quick read novella was my first introduction to the Lone Pine Pride series and left me wanting more. Moira and Hugo have history, thanks to a misunderstanding eleven years ago that left Moira heartbroken in a new pack and Hugo full of guilt. Despite being a big grumpy bear, Hugo is a romantic. He has to be since he’s been pining for the same woman for twenty-five years, even though she’s married to his best friend. Though he’s never expected anything to happen between him and his untouchable lioness, he’s also decided that if he can’t have her he won’t have anyone.

Except for that time eleven years ago when he got drunk in the middle of nowhere and met Moira, who listened to his sad tale and thought he was asking for help getting over his lost love. Oops. The start of this book in split between the present day and chapters of the past, and though I’m not a big fan of flashbacks, these really helped to lay down the foundations of their relationship – or lack thereof.

I like Moira. She’s a natural healer who wasn’t exactly looking for love when she met Hugo, more was open to the opportunity of it. Which made her the complete opposite of Hugo. This is only a short book so we don’t get to know either character particularly well, but I liked Moira’s caring personality and how she doesn’t give in easily when Hugo suddenly changes his mind.

As for Hugo… what a fool. Not just because he wasted all that time pining after a woman he clearly wasn’t going to have (and likely never really wanted anyway), but because he knew for years that Moira was a much better match and he still stayed away! Then he changes his mind and expects all to be forgiven. He might be a romantic, but he’s pretty dim when it comes to actual relationships.

However, overall I liked this story. I love a good bear shifter tale and this one has plenty of chemistry, some snarled up emotional tangles and offers up an intriguing hint of what this series has to offer. It’s quick, easy and utterly undemanding – and left me wanting to know much more about this pack.

Unbearable Desire is out May 19th!
Visit Vivi Andrews for more detail.


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