Review: Chronicles of Ivy – Part One

cover-chronicles of ivy

Title: Nature of the Storm
Author: T. Master
Series: The Chronicles of Ivy #1
Genre: YA Fantasy
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


It began with a storm…

What if the very laws of nature had been defied?

This is the story of Ivy White. Once a normal girl like any other, all until Ethan Cartright assumes the role as her new school teacher. Ivy’s world is soon dropped into a miasma of wonders, heart-break and something that threatens to defy everything she once knew.

Do you dare to read the Chronicle?

Source: From the Author

This book is a quick read with plenty of fantasy elements, neatly setting things up for the rest of the series to come. It’s easy to read, quite compelling and left me intrigued about more. However, it is a little rough. There’s a definite sense that the author was trying really hard to capture a teenage voice at the beginning – swearing, lots of like in the dialogue – but thankfully that drops off as the character of Ivy settles down. Considering this is written entirely from Ivy’s first person pov, the language is occasionally a bit convoluted and at odds with her dialogue, but again this mostly settles down as the book goes on.

As for the plot itself, well, if you can overlook Ivy’s easy acceptance of the fact that her new teacher kind of takes over her life (without anyone noticing too), then that’s where things get interesting. Because Ivy has magic, a strong visual type of nature magic that means she can pretty much imagine something and nature will oblige, though I think literally calling down the moon was a bit extreme. It might have been nice to have seen Ivy playing with her powers more than she actually does, but she does show at least some progress through the story, leaving plenty of potential excitement for future books.

The rest of the plot is somewhat familiar with Ivy’s mentor having an enemy and there being trouble in the magical world. The story could maybe have been fleshed out a little, though, with Mr. Cartwright’s brother showing up mostly to just stand around doing nothing – not even as a love interest, which I guess is one cliché avoided (even if I happen to like that cliché) – and Ivy’s friend Violet providing hugs and scolds and generally being ignored, and who seems so observant except when she’s missing the obvious.

There is potential here, but as yet it is just a little rough and perhaps a little short to really do the story justice. A bit more magic and a little more suspicion towards Ethan Cartwright likely wouldn’t go amiss either.

The Chronicles of Ivy is Out Now!


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