Review: Replica


Title: Replica
Author: Jack Heath
Series: ?
Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Length: Novel
Available: Now


‘Whose body is that on the table?’ I ask.
She stares at me, as though the answer is obvious. ‘It’s yours,’ she says.
Before I have time to scream, she types a command on the keyboard. My consciousness whirls away like storm water down a drain.

Chloe wakes up to find all her memories have been wiped. And the only person who knows what happened is a teenage girl who looks and sounds exactly like her.

Who is she? And what does she want?

Chloe is running out of time to discover the truth. But she’s in even more danger than she realizes, and nothing is as it seems . . .

Source: Review copy from Amazon Vine

I really enjoyed this fast-paced tale about robots, scary corporations and teenage issues. Chloe is a great main character, right from the moment she first wakes up all the way to the end. The way she battles with the idea of being replaced, or being a replacement, to what it actually means to be human and whether she has a right to the feelings her memories evoke if they aren’t even hers, make her a compelling, sympathetic heroine as this story deftly weaves between mystery and action while we piece together just what is going on in Chloe’s life.

True, some of the mystery isn’t particularly mysterious and some of the action is a bit ridiculous (the finale definitely has eyebrow raising moments), the idea of AI tech being so readily available was… interesting and the ending left things wide, wide open, but this was such a quick, intriguing ride that I could overlook the more unlikely moments and simply enjoy the fun.

And it is fun, though the humour occasionally borders on macabre (all the stuff with the decapitated head). It’s also a really quick read that makes you want to keep turning pages – and there’s a hint of romance too, and between two girls, which makes a pleasant change. In all this is YA sci-fi with a thriller twist and plenty of action to hold the interest. It’s quick, the heroine is intelligent and the ending leaves things open enough for a sequel. I really hope there’ll be more.

Replica is Out Now!
Visit Jack Heath for more details.


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