Review: Gabe (Hell Squad)


Title: Gabe
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Hell Squad #3
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: Now


Hell Squad soldier Gabe Jackson has lost everything that mattered, including his twin brother. Now he just wants to kill the invading aliens anyway he knows how…and he knows a lot of ways. Previously part of a secret Army super-soldier project, he’s faster, stronger, deadlier…but on the inside, he’s a mass of rage, and pain, and grief—all waiting for a chance to drag him under. Until he finds her.

Dr. Emerson Green had her life planned: thrive in the high-stress environment of the ER, build her career, have a great life. Then the raptor alien invasion happened. Now she’s the head of the medical team for the secret base sheltering human survivors outside of Sydney. She’s also in charge of patching up the soldiers who get too close to raptor claws. She’d never planned for this…and she’d never planned for sexy, brooding Gabe Jackson.

As Emerson uncovers clues to the aliens’ secret plans for the human race, she and Gabe collide in a storm of volatile passion. But the brooding soldier is as stubborn as he is silent, and Emerson knows she must convince him to reach out to her…because Gabe is a ticking time bomb about to go off.

Source: ARC from the author

Oh, Gabe, I love you, but how you frustrate me! Let me count the ways:
1) You may be a broody alpha male but sometimes your silent if sexy ways get annoying. Talk to Emerson, dammit!
2) Just because you are enhanced, this makes you neither indestructible nor monstrous. Deal with it and stop taking everything on with your bare hands!
3) I know you loved and lost your brother and that is sad… but it also proves you are capable of love, idiot.
4) Never, never piss off the doctor. Well, not if you want to live to fight another day, anyway.

Ahem. On a more serious note, the third installment of the Hell Squad series deals with the silent but deadly Gabe, who I’ve been curious about since book one (Marcus), especially as it was clear there was something going on between him and Dr Emerson. Also he’s faster, stronger, has super sensitive senses and is all round intriguing – why wouldn’t I want to know more?

I’ve also been looking forward to getting to know the doctor better. I really like Emerson – she’s clever and caring, but not without her shadows. Since the events of the last book (Cruz), she’s been having nightmares about the raptors. She’s also been working with the rescued humans who have been experimented on by the invading aliens. She might not be as physically strong as Hell Squad, but she has her own place in their world and her own significant value. She’s also courageous enough to go back out in the world despite how terrified she is that the raptors will get her again.

Everything about her is perfect for Gabe. She talks to people and cares about them, and is willing to offer herself to her man for comfort even when he doesn’t always give back in return. Or rather, it seems like he doesn’t. Because although Gabe’s taciturn demeanour can be frustrating and the way he believes he’s not good enough for Emerson, yet can’t keep away, made me sigh, he also leaves shiny stones on her desk and in her pocket. It’s not much, I know, but at least he cares. He just has a few serious issues to work through first before he can finally admit to what everyone else already knows about him. Plus their chemistry is smoking hot, which is always good.

Alongside the romance there are further developments in the raptor invasion, with Emerson more than holding her own in uncovering the latest round of secrets and sinister plots. I have to admit I fully expected the way things turned out after the things said to Santha at the end of the last book, and was surprised none of the characters made the same connection. Then again I read too many books and am naturally suspicious of anything and everything anyone says, especially in stories, so it’s possible Emerson wouldn’t have connected the dots. I would also have liked to have known more about Gabe’s enhancements – how, where, why – but really only got the who, which was kind of obvious. On a brighter note, this book also introduced a few more characters from the base, both further fleshing out this world and leaving me curious for extra stories.

In all this is another fine addition to the series, full of heat and action and romance, cranking up the tension and laying down further issues for the rest of the series. I can’t wait to read all about Reed next!

Gabe is Out Now!
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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