Review: One Night With The Cowboy

cover-one night with the cowboyTitle: One Night With The Cowboy
Author: Eve Gaddy
Series: Whiskey River
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Now


Meet the Kellys of Whiskey River, Texas, men who have always gone through life, and women, with their father’s legendary charm.

Trey Kelly has it all. Eldest son of Boots Kelly, Trey runs the Kelly ranch, and Trey’s heart is with his “babies”, Kelly’s Champs, the World Champion cutting horses he breeds and sells. Women love Trey and he loves women, but he’s never met the one he wanted for keeps. Until…

Reclusive Ariana Wright‘s lavender farm sits next door to the Kelly spread. Ariana is a smart, ambitious chemist and after the car accident that left her scarred, the success of her new line of lavender-based beauty products is all Ariana is interested in.

Convincing Ariana to take a chance on love is a task that takes all of Trey’s cowboy determination. But can Ariana let go of the wounds of the past and give herself more than one night with the cowboy?

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

If you like your romance stories to be more tell than show, don’t mind dialogue that points out the obvious while all the info-dumping happens in the prose, then you’ll get along with this book just fine. Sadly, none of the above works for me, so I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I would have liked.

Which is a shame. Ariana is the type of heroine I usually like – she rescues animals, is smart (she’s a chemist) and doesn’t think too highly of herself (mostly thanks to the facial scarring caused by a road accident, which has understandably left her with some issues). Sadly, it wasn’t just the writing style that meant I didn’t like her so much. The dogs are just props to get Ariana and Wyatt meeting again and she has some random overly-emotional moments where she blames Wyatt for things that aren’t his fault.

Then there’s the property they both want and the old woman who isn’t sure who to sell it to. That whole plot strand could have gone somewhere interesting, instead it was little more than another flimsy prop to get the pair of them together and cause potential conflict.

In all I didn’t enjoy this one and sadly I think this will be my last trip to Whiskey River.

One Night With The Cowboy is Out Now!
Visit Eve Gaddy for more details.


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