Review: Borrow-a-Bridesmaid

cover-borrow-a-bridesmaidTitle: Borrow-a-Bridesmaid
Author: Anna Wagener
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Fiction
Length: Novel
Available: June 8th


When life hands you lemons, make lemonade—or, in Piper Brody’s case, make a Craigslist ad offering yourself up as a hired bridesmaid! A hilarious, touching, coming-of-age novel from debut author Anne Wagener.

Piper is a recent college grad who decides to sell her body on Craigslist—as a hired bridesmaid. Her airport bookseller job just isn’t bringing home the turkey bacon, and no one’s going to pay her to analyze Milton’s poetry. Turns out, having an English literature degree from an upstanding university isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Piper’s Craigslist endeavor soon picks up steam, netting her clients such as Southern peach Stacey, whose interracial marriage causes a family feud, and Alex, a bride-to-be who’s so type A she’s type A-plus. Between fighting off matching T-shirt–wearing teams of “bustle bitches” at gown sales and learning more about fondant than the Cake Boss, Piper falls for Charlie Bell, the brother of a client. A fellow aspiring writer, Charlie’s the only person recently who’s encouraged Piper to follow her dreams. Not to mention, he’s pretty darn cute.

But when Charlie turns out to be the groom in one of her gigs—and set to marry the craziest bridezilla of them all—Piper must band together with her newfound friends and stop Charlie from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Source: ARC from Pocket Star (Pocket Books) via NetGalley

This was an enjoyable, fun tale of a summer in the life of Piper Brady, an English graduate who’s struggling to match her degree up with real life. She knows the meaning of big and obscure words, can argue the merits of existentialism against postmodernism, but since that doesn’t pay the bills she finds herself working for a Mountain-Dew breathed tyrant in an airport bookshop. Which doesn’t really pay the bills either.

Luckily for Piper, no matter how mundane and crushing her everyday life is, she’s also blessed with an awesome best friend, Lin, who provides hugs, support and imaginative conversations that make no sense to anyone but them. That same imagination is how Piper ends up advertising her services on Craigslist. And so begins a round of weird, wonderful, fun and rather awful weddings involving new friends, new experiences, an enemy or two and even a little bit of love.

I really enjoyed this book. Piper is a likeable character, she’s fun and funny, prone to wild flights of imagination that help her get through the day. She’s also a little insecure, has no faith in her abilities as a writer, has an enfeebled car named Beowulf: the Road Warrior and is actually a really nice person. Her experiences from bad jobs to awful dates and of course the brides and weddings range from funny to cringe-worthy and even a little emotional. I loved reading about her.

The other characters are wonderful too, from amazing Lin to Alex the crazy/beautiful new friend, not to mention lovely Charlie, who is perfect for Piper but also too good a man for his own good. This book made me smile a lot, laugh a fair bit and even sniffle back a few tears – when I wasn’t raging at certain characters. It’s not all about weddings either – mostly it’s about Piper, just Piper going through her daily life, letting her imagination run free while she in turn hides from her dreams.

It’s light, lovely and fun and a perfect summer read. If you’re in love with words and have the sort of imagination that will run wild if left unchecked for too long, you’ll likely enjoy this. If you like weddings, then there’s plenty to enjoy here too. Mostly read this if you enjoy good characters finding friends and living life the best way they can. I’ll definitely be looking out for more from this author.

Borrow-a-Bridesmaid is out June 8th!
Visit Anne Wagener for more details.


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