Review: Something About A Cowboy

cover-something about a cowboyTitle: Something About A Cowboy
Author: Sarah M. Anderson
Series: #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: June 23rd


He’s a man of his word…and she’s gonna take him up on it.

After six years working his ranch and raising his boys, widower Mack Tucker is staring down the barrel of another long, lonely winter. Until his grown-up sons decide it’s time for him to move on. They not only sign him up for an online dating site, but also screen the first batch of interested parties.

Mack is furious—until he spots one of the profiles. He’s intrigued. Intrigued enough to drive three hours to Billings to meet Karen Thompson.

Burned by her ex, Karen isn’t interested in diving into another marriage, but she wouldn’t mind dipping her toes back in the dating waters. But this time, things will be different. What could be more trustworthy and honest than a strong, silent cowboy?

Their first date gets steamier than either of them intended, and Mack fears it may be too much, too soon for him. Torn between the past and the present, Mack has to cowboy up or lose the possibility of a future with the woman who makes his broken heart beat again.

Warning: Contains skinny dipping in public, sensual biting, gratuitous use of roses, and a red lace thong. Sometimes all at once.

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

The short, fun series ends in fine style with my favourite of the bunch. Despite the fact that the vast majority of this book takes place over one night, it still manages to be sweet, very sexy and also quite sad. While everyone else in the series hasn’t had the best of luck with marriage (apart from Jacy who’s never been married at all) Mack’s marriage was wonderful. In fact he married his high school sweetheart and was very happy, until cancer stole her away. Even six years on he still loves his wife and isn’t totally ready to move on, but his sons have other ideas.

Enter Karen, who isn’t interested in marriage. In fact, after the number her ex did on her, all she wants is a man to desire her and think she’s beautiful. Luckily Mack does and the two of them are soon flirting up a storm. What follows is sensual and sexy and pretty full on, considering that Mack is an older man (46 to her 33), but they make it work pretty well.

Then comes the morning after, and the whole issue of dealing with an attraction to someone new when Mack hasn’t entirely let go of the old. And that for me was where the sadness came in. Sorry, Karen, it didn’t have anything to do with you, but the scene where Mack finds a photo is just so touching. The short nature of the story doesn’t exactly leave room for a prolonged exploration of grief, yet I think it worked pretty well. Of course I would have liked it to be longer – I liked this characters, I really enjoyed this story, why wouldn’t I want more? – but I wasn’t left feeling that anything had been rushed or crammed in. The ending is a bit abrupt, but I think it worked perfectly with the rest of the tale.

In all this steamy story is about more than just sex, but short enough to still provide a quick, sexy read. It fits in nicely with the rest of the series, and definitely left me wanting more – from this author, and if at any point there was more about Mack’s three boys, I certainly wouldn’t complain…

Something About A Cowboy is out June 23rd!
Visit or
Sarah M. Anderson for more details.


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