Review: Bachelorette For Sale

cover-bachelorette for saleTitle: Bachelorette For Sale
Author: Gail Chianese
Series: West Side Romance #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: June 23rd


This sparkling debut dives right in to everything funny, flirty, and fiery about modern dating with the tale of a sexy singles auction that comes with the prize of a lifetime…

As far as Cherry Ryan is concerned, the bright lights of Hollywood are nothing but glare after her heart is broken on a reality show for millions to see. Instead she’s throwing herself into fundraising for the local community center that was a priceless lifeline to her as a kid. But when a volunteer for the singles auction bails at the last minute, Cherry finds herself on the block—and sold to Jason Valentine, a handsome contractor with a gorgeous body—and a really bad attitude about her days in the limelight…

Cherry soon finds that Jason’s more than eye candy, and not entirely sweet—especially his quest to win the bid for the center’s renovation. Mixing business with pleasure doesn’t seem like such a good idea—until Jason has a chance to reveal the big heart beneath his surly exterior. Cherry’s falling for him hard, but trust isn’t easy when you’ve been burned. To conquer her fears will take a giant leap of faith—straight into the spotlight again…

Source: ARC from Lyrical Press (Kensington Books) via NetGalley

This is a cute, fun contemporary that plays with the less fun side of minor celebrity when Cherry becomes a last minute replacement in a charity auction. I really liked Cherry, she’s down-to-earth and funny and sweet, not to mention charitable and loyal to her friends. After the things said by her disastrous ex she’s been badly treated by the press and I have to admit I wanted more vindication for her over the nasty things that Ari claimed.

Then again, with so much going on in her life, Cherry’s mind is rather on other things: whether it’s the intriguing life of her wonderful grandparents, the prospect of a new reality TV show – which she doesn’t want to do but knows the money would be good for… –  rebuilding the community centre and – which is very important to her as it also ties in with… – and the new man in her life, the sexy, occasionally arrogant but surprisingly romantic Jason. No wonder she doesn’t have time to worry about what a bunch of worthless journalists are spouting about her.

With Cherry’s life so full, this book zips along with never a dull moment as she bounces around her various relationships and tries to do her best by everyone. I really liked her. I liked Jason too, well, as much as we got to know him. He’s a bit of a tough nut to crack, if I’m honest. The details of the damage done by his ex are delivered in dribs and drabs, and we never quite get the full picture there, and although we learn a bit about his childhood, again it’s all delivered in tiny portions. However, barring a few minor hiccups here and there, he treats Cherry wonderfully and does some lovely, thoughtful things, so on the whole I liked him.

Mostly this was a fun read, though I have to admit I felt like the vandalism plot was too obvious from the start, while the reality TV side felt a bit too convenient. For most of the book it bubbles around, causing stress and potential strife, before taking over everything in a slightly unconvincing way. I also expected a little more about Cherry’s parents and maybe a little more retribution for certain liars. But on the whole these were minor feelings compared to my overall enjoyment.

Fun and cute with likeable characters, an interesting plot and lots of lovely potential for more from this setting. If this is only Gail Chianese’s debut, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Bachelorette For Sale is out June 23rd!
Visit Gail Chianese for more details.


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