Review: Miss Match

cover-miss matchTitle: Miss Match
Author: Laurelin McGee
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: June 30th


Welcome to the sexy, crazy, wildly unpredictable world of modern matchmaking, where fixing up strangers is part of the job—but falling in love is an occupational hazard…

He’s The Perfect Catch.

Blake Donovan is tall, handsome, rich, and successful—so why would a guy like him need a matchmaker? Andrea Dawson has no idea, but a job is a job. After being blackballed from a career in marketing, Andrea agreed to use her unique profiling skills to play matchmaker out of pure desperation. But when she meets her highly eligible—and particular—first client face to face, she wonders what she’s gotten herself into…

Is She His Perfect Match?

Blake knows exactly the kind of woman he’s looking for—and it’s the total opposite of Andrea. Though smart and undeniably sexy, she is simply too headstrong for a man who’s used to being in charge. Still, Blake’s blood pressure rises whenever she’s near him. How can he explain the smoldering attraction that sizzles between them? And how can Andrea deny she’s feeling it, too? Maybe, just maybe, they’ve finally met their match…

Source: ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley

This fun contemporary sets up a ridiculous situation involving an arrogant alpha business man and the impulsive woman who becomes his matchmaker. Blake knows exactly what he wants in a wife, and Andrea is the exact opposite in almost every way. But it hardly matters because good ol’ chemistry comes along for the ride to mess things up.

I really enjoyed this book. Yes, it’s ludicrous and daft and there were times when I worried I would never actually like Blake, but somehow the Laurelin McGee team pulled it off. At the beginning that was thanks to Andrea. She might be out of work and living with her little sister, but she has principles. Sort of. Mostly. Which is why her first instinct is to turn Blake’s job down. The trouble is that she has a very specific set of skills – namely she has a gift for reading people. Along with that she’s also funny, forthright and impulsive. She’s not exactly a good person and she does have a selfish streak, but I found her amusing and interesting enough to hook me from the start.

Then there’s Blake. He really is arrogant and rude and a little bit sexist and there were times I was certain I’d never like him. Yet there’s also a hidden side to him. Pretty much anything that makes him seem sweet or sensitive or anything other than a jerk, he hides. Whether it’s his Downton Abbey and historical drama addiction, his taste in music or his love for pinball, he hides anything that makes him seem the least bit human. Which is kind of sweet, in a foolish way. It might have been nice to have learnt more about why he does this, but mostly I enjoyed the lengths he went to hide his personality.

Actually as the book progressed I started to like Blake more and more. Sadly, there were times when I liked Andrea quite a bit less. Her impulsiveness might have seemed fun at first but there were times when I actually found it petty and annoying. No, it can’t be nice to have to organise dates for the guy she’s sleeping with, but that’s her job and if she doesn’t like it she should say something rather than not booking a restaurant and hiding his wallet. There were times when she was so childish. And they never did talk about why exactly he ended up laughing at her that one time.

So it’s not perfect and the ending does have a sudden mad rush into HEA – even though it begins before the big misunderstanding. They have one particularly good night together and suddenly hearts, flowers, everything is wonderful and there are birds singing – and oh look! A fairy rainbow! It just didn’t ring true with everything that had gone before. Then of course comes the obligatory mindless misunderstanding followed up by general stubbornness. There are still fun bits amidst all the eye-roll moments, though, so it is somewhat redeemed.

Overall this is fun with a little sexiness on the side, as opposites attract and interfere. If you like reading about arrogant alphas being humanised, or seeing a smart, sassy woman fall in love with the unexpected, then you should enjoy this. Especially if you’re willing to leave all serious thoughts aside in favour of amusement.

Miss Match is out June 30th!
Visit Laurelin McGee for more details.


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