Review: A Bride for the Italian Boss

cover-a bride for the italian bossTitle: A Bride for the Italian Boss
Author: Susan Meier
Series: Vineyards of Calanetti #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now (UK)


Maître d’ Daniella Tate is only visiting the picturesque Tuscan village of Calanetti but, meeting passionate chef Rafe Manchini, she finds the excitement she’s always craved. Now, Daniella has a choice: return to her old life… or stay as Rafe’s bride!

Source: ARC from Mills and Boon Cherish via NetGalley

This is a sweet, easy read that’s perfect for a summery escape. Set in beautiful Tuscany and filled with sumptuous Italian food, it’s as much about home and finding a place to belong as it is about romance. Dani is a woman who has never truly felt part of anything. She’s come to Italy in search of her foster mother’s family and instead finds Mancini’s. The staff are welcoming and warm, and in desperate need of her help, but the owner and head chef is a little harder to pin down.

Rafe is a grumpy, grouchy chef who fully lives up to the passionate Italian stereotype. When that’s mixed in with the temperamental chef stereotype… well, lets just say, he’s a little bit shouty. But he’s also prone to unexpected moments of sweetness, a companionable glass of wine, random acts of kindness and old-fashioned manners. He’s also not too proud to apologise when necessary, which makes a welcome change.

The two of them together are sweet and cautious, if a little bit circular in their attraction – I like her but she’s taken, I like him but he’s warned me off, I like her but I can’t give her everything, I like him if he would just give me everything, but she’s taken, but he’s a commitmentphobe, but I like her a lot and I must have her, but he won’t give me what I want so I must run away. For such a short book the romance does get a little wearisome. For the most part Dani’s pretty sensible (if repetitive) in her emotions towards Rafe, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t succumb to the occasional moment of irrational foolishness. While Rafe has a sudden (and convenient) change of mind at just the right moment.

In all this is exactly what I expected from a book of this type. It’s cute and easy and quick, designed to be devoured in a couple of hours. It’s full of smiles and Italian sunshine and a feel-good romance with a lovely happy ending – what more could you ask for?

A Bride for the Italian Boss is Out Now!
Visit Susan Meier for more details.


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