Review: To Love a Texas Cowboy

cover-to love a texas cowboyTitle: To Love a Texas Cowboy
Author: Julie Benson
Series: Wishing, Texas #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now


New York artist Cassie Reynolds moves to Wishing, Texas to raise her orphaned niece, and discovers she’s in way over her head. Then she meets Ella’s financial guardian, Ty Barnett, a handsome hardworking rancher, with his own ideas on child rearing.

Ty and Cassie clash over almost everything, especially Ella, but when two people have the welfare of one child at heart, suddenly they find themselves looking at each other in a whole new light…

Will Ty make room for another lady in his life? And will Cassie allow herself to love a Texas cowboy?

Source: ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

The opening book of the Wishing, Texas series sets up another round of lovely, feel good romances from Tule. Cassie is an artistic woman who isn’t always given full credit for her common sense, while Ty is a good man prone to uncontrollable attacks of pride and stubbornness. Their romance is enjoyable and sweet to read, but at the heart of everything is a grieving little girl and the bonds that tie the three of them together.

I liked Cassie, she’s strong and loyal and just trying to do her best by little Ella, even when it means her own life has been completely upended. With all the talk at the beginning about her not being good with finances, I had expected some form of dyscalculia or dyslexia to explain it. So I was a little disappointed when it’s sort of explained away with her just being artistic and actually not having trouble figuring out finances at all. Still, I was much more impressed by the solutions she comes up with for the B&B and the way she builds a new life for herself in Wishing.

I also enjoyed how her relationship with Ella changed – and likewise how everything with Ty shifted from judgemental to understanding to something even deeper. Ella’s a difficult child at first because of her overwhelming grief, so it was great to see her blossom as the book progressed.

Ah, Ty. He’s a good guy who I wanted to like, but there were times when he made it tricky. His high handed behaviour with Ella didn’t help at first, however, his supportive acts and the way he never let Cassie know his doubts later on definitely redeemed him. Until the pride attack, of course. Although he gets bonus points for not killing his sister. Still, the way he treats Cassie towards the end was a bit disappointing. Their relationship develops so beautifully until that point and I do feel like a bit of additional grovelling should have been included before the finish.

Overall, this is an enjoyable read. The characters are likeable, the setting is enjoyable and there’s plenty of scope for more. I look forward to visit Wishing again soon.

To Love a Texas Cowboy is Out Now!
Visit Julie Benson for more details.


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