Review: Simmering Ice

cover-simmering iceTitle: Simmering Ice
Authors: Veronica Forand and Susan Scott Shelley
Series: Atlantic City Hustlers #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: July 7th


When the gloves come off, she’s worth the penalty…

Physical therapist Annie Davidson is great at her job but unlucky when it comes to love. She’s just out of a bad relationship. A really bad relationship. All she can do is focus on work…that is until she runs into professional hockey player Alec O’Meara. She’s a touch insecure and doesn’t understand why he’s interested in her.

Despite being one of the biggest players on the team, right wing Alec O’Meara prefers finesse over force. After the tragic death of his wife, he likes to keep things loose on and off the ice. But the red-headed Annie challenges his beliefs and makes him think about taking their relationship to the net.
The passion and fun they share is addicting and makes them long for more. But her insecurities that she’s not good enough, and his anxiety over a long-term commitment will keep them apart, unless they can find a way to break through the defenses they’ve built around their hearts.

Source: ARC from Entangled Lovestruck via NetGalley

This was a cute, quick read with a hint of heat, a bit of sport and a sweet romance. Alec is adorable; a big, gentle giant who lost his childhood sweetheart to cancer but isn’t foolish enough to miss out on a good thing when he gets to know Annie. I loved Alec. Considering his loss he’s not brooding or moping about how terrible life is. No, instead he’s a top sportsman who works hard for his team and doesn’t question his attraction to Annie. Mostly he just tries to look after her, while appreciating the way they fit into each other’s lives.

Unfortunately Annie is a little more messed up, though she doesn’t seem to be at first. The pair of them are adorable together with their competitive spirits and sporting natures complimenting each other perfectly. But Annie has a few issues – she’s a sporty tomboy and always has been, she’s also absolutely hopeless in the kitchen. None of which is a problem for Alec, but Annie’s mother seems to have spent most of Annie’s life trying to change her.

It’s unsurprising that the constant picking at her looks, the way she acts, the way she dresses, the way she is has seriously undermined her confidence. Which is a massive shame, because for the first half of this book the romance is lovely and enjoyable and zips along. Then the mother intrudes and things change. Much though I appreciated why Annie started to question everything, it did feel a bit much at times and the way it all fades away at the end didn’t help. I’m not a big fan of magic fixes, so it was a shame to see it here.

Overall, this is sweet and fun and a good continuation of the series. If you want something a little sporty and a lot cute, with a truly lovely hero, then you should give this a try. I look forward to more from these authors and this series.

Simmering Ice is out July 7th!
Visit Veronica Forand and Susan Scott Shelley for more details.


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