Review: His Love

cover-his loveTitle: His Love
Author: Jennifer Gracen
Series: Summer in New York #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: July 14th


Toni Westmore doesn’t do relationships. She has a demanding boss at her high end Soho art gallery job and an even more difficult and critical mother – who needs the mess of a relationship?

Enter Irish Doctor Gavin McKinnon, her friend’s brother, also known as the perfect summer fling: tall, muscled, smart, funny, definitely ready for a good time and stamped with an expiration date. He’ll go back to Ireland and his family medical practice in a few weeks and she’ll return to her real world and plan her next career move.

Gavin’s in town not only to visit his sister, but to try and heal his broken heart. He gets a little help when Toni, his sister’s friend and roommate, enters the picture. Inexplicably drawn to her, Gavin tries to remind himself to look but not touch, but Toni is hard to resist… and when she offers him a no strings fling, how could he say no?

But as Gavin’s departure date looms, Toni realizes that her sexy summer fling is anything but. And she was sure she could kiss Gavin goodbye with no regrets…

Will she attempt to break their no strings rule? Or will Gavin leave Long Island without looking back?

Source: ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

This is a nice book in which nice people eat nice food, do nice things together and generally have a nice time. There really isn’t much more to say about it than that. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just… nice. Gavin is a real sweetheart, an Irish doctor who’s decided to spend a month on Long Island with his little sister, getting some sun and a bit of sand on his holidays. He’s a good guy who had a bad break-up, but isn’t brooding about it. He’s just getting on a best he can, waiting for his bruised heart to heal.

Toni is likewise a nice woman, with a job she hates and a mother who constantly puts pressure on her. She’s a housemate of Gavin’s sister, so they end up sharing a house for a month. Which might have been a problem since they’re attracted to each other from the moment they meet, though each are reluctant to make the first move.

That lasts a week, then it’s all love all the time, with occasional outings for food. There is a lot of food in this book. If there’s a scene between Gavin and Toni that isn’t set in bed, then there’s usually food around somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, food is important for survival and all, but why is there so much food? Maybe it’s to take away from the lack of tension in this book, and also perhaps (for me at least) the lack of chemistry between Toni and Gavin. I just didn’t feel anything between them, they’re nice – that’s it.

As for the lack of tension… well, it’s obvious early on how things will turn out, since Gavin is sweet and supportive and Toni hates everything about her life except her friends. The lack of conflict made everything so easy and – dare I say it – a tiny bit boring. There is a cranking up of emotions towards the end, but it felt forced and too contrived for me. Especially when the rewards were so obvious.

In all it’s nice. Nice people, nice food, nice holiday, nice relationship, nice end. It didn’t really hold my attention, but there’s plenty here for people to enjoy if they want something straight forward and simple and utterly lacking in drama – which, let’s be honest, is definitely needed at times. I can see other people absolutely loving this book, but it was a little too pleasant and easy for me.

His Love is out July 14th!
Visit Jennifer Gracen for more details.


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