Review: Crashed

cover-crashedTitle: Crashed
Author: Sherilee Gray
Series: Axle Alley Vipers #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: July 14th


She swore never to trust him again…

Fiery mechanic Alexandra Franco should have known better. Years ago, her best friends’ older brother took her virginity and broke her heart-or rather, doused it with gasoline, lit a match, and then walked away. And Alex definitely should not have indulged in another hot night with him after the fact. He’s not the same boy she fell for, and she sure as hell doesn’t want anything to do with the wealthy, ruthless man he’s become.

Walking away from Alex was the biggest mistake of Deacon West’s life. She belongs with him, and if getting her back means playing dirty, so be it. If she’ll grant him a three-month, no-strings affair, he won’t sell the building Alex and his sisters use for their auto repair business. Hell, he’ll even sign it over to them. But will Alex ever entrust her heart to him again, or are they destined to crash and burn?

Source: ARC from Entangled Indulgence via NetGalley

Dear Mr. West,
Your motives may be good, but your methods are highly suspect. Sort yourself out, you thoroughly messed up man, and stop blackmailing the love of your life.
Kindest regards,
This Reader.

Seriously, on what planet does it seem like a good idea to blackmail the woman you love into becoming your unpaid escort simply because you think any sign of intimacy and emotion will scare her off? And just for the record, multiple orgasms may be nice but they’re not a sound platform for an apology.

Urgh, Deacon is a mess in this book. He messed things up with Alex when they were younger, ended up married to a manipulative woman, then slept with Alex again and got hurt when she ran out on him. His solution – threaten her place of work (which is more than just a job) in order to blackmail her into bed. Nice work, Deke. Real smooth and caring there. And that’s before the jealousy and possessiveness raise their ugly heads.

The trouble is that beneath all his asshattery he’s a good guy, it just seems that the strength of his emotions for Alex bring out the worst in him. He loves her, ergo he cannot trust her, must force her to do his bidding and go to torturous lengths to make sure she will never leave him! Okay, he’s not quite that bad, and when he settles down and stops acting like an asshole, he’s actually very sweet. It’s just… all of the above, really. At least he’s never violent towards her, not even close. Even his intimidating moments lack any kind of threat.

If Alex had simply rolled over and taken his nonsense I probably wouldn’t have finished this book. But thankfully she (mostly) calls him out on his behaviour, won’t let him forget the bad beginnings of their relationship and constantly pushes him to be a better person. She does have a tendency to run away from him at times, but she has her reasons and if he would actually talk to her it would have helped wonders. Especially as she’s so important to him and he wants to keep her in his life and all…

Overall this is a satisfying romance with an atypical heroine who can definitely hold her own. Personally, I wasn’t at all fond of Deacon’s alpha moments, but mileage will no doubt vary, and underneath all his messed up methods he does have a sweetly romantic side. I definitely want to read more from this series, though I hope future heroes won’t be too much like this one.

Crashed is out July 14th!
Visit Sherilee Gray for more details.


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