Review: The Player Next Door

cover-player next doorTitle: The Player Next Door
Author: Kathy Lyons
Series: ?
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: July 21st


An unexpected catch…

NBA star Mike Giamaria doesn’t mix basketball with love. Ever. Then Mike meets Tori Williams, his cute, quirky new neighbor who seems hell bent on refurbishing her death trap of a house on her own. When she falls from her roof and into his arms, Mike knows he’s just caught a whole heap of trouble.

Trouble sums up Tori’s life. Despite her academic success, no one believes she can take care of herself-not her family, not her ex-boyfriend. She’s determined to live her life on her own terms, and if that includes a hot summer fling with the super-sexy athlete next door, so much the better.

But when Tori’s around, Mike can’t keep his mind on basketball. He wants…more. And to his horror, not just more time on the court. When training starts, it’s game over-it has to be-unless Tori can convince Mike that love doesn’t belong on the sidelines.

Source: ARC from Entangled: Lovestruck via NetGalley

This book is adorable. And sexy, and fun. Mostly fun, with a side order of cute, and I loved every second of it. What a great heroine Tori is. She’s completely off-the-wall, playing up her blonde hair with ditzy behaviour in order to get people to leave her alone. In truth she’s super smart, knows loads of stuff about obscure and esoteric religious rituals and is just amazing. I loved her. From the first page where she buys a book on sushi simply because her idiot boyfriend doesn’t get why she found the cover funny, right up to the end. She’s delightful and made this book into such a fun ride.

Then there’s Mike, the NBA star. He might not be an odd-ball like Tori, but he’s still fun and very sexy. I loved how he appreciated Tori and saw her for who she really was behind all the silly acts. Sure, he has problems of his own regarding his shoulder and his “system”, but I loved how his relationship with Tori developed. Especially when it involved her family, idiot Edward or Mike’s friends.

Okay, that ending is beyond cheesy, but it still works. And all right, Mike’s confusion regarding certain things towards the end was a bit dumb considering how Tori was acting towards him, but I don’t care. It didn’t stop me reading and it definitely didn’t stop me enjoying. I devoured the whole thing with a massive smile on my face.

If you need something to pick you up, like a different kind of heroine or a hero who can appreciate a good thing when he finds it, then try this. It’s fun and cute and cheesy, with a bit of sexiness thrown in to complete the deal. What’s not to like? I just hope there’s going to be more, because there’s at least one of Mike’s team mates that I need to get to know better. Regardless, this might have been only my first Kathy Lyons book, but it certainly won’t be my last.

The Player Next Door is out July 21st!
Visit Kathy Lyons for more details.


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