Review: Her Shirtless Gentleman

cover-her shirtless gentlemanTitle: Her Shirtless Gentleman
Author: M. Q. Barber
Series: Gentleman #1
Genre: Hot Contemporary
Length: Short Novel
Available: August 4th


Her heart is in his hands…
After her marriage ends in betrayal, Eleanora Howard finds herself struggling to navigate the dating scene as a thirty-one-year-old divorcee. But feeling undesirable, and living alone in the house she once shared with her ex, is hardly the recipe for finding new love—until she meets Rob. He’s just the kind of charming, old-fashioned guy she needs—but he’s also eager for intimacy…
After serving in the Air Force and getting a well-paid civilian career, Rob Vanderhoff planned to settle down with the right woman and raise a family. But at thirty-six, he’s still single and searching—until he meets Eleanora. She’s everything he wants. All he has to do is draw her out of her shell. Soon he’s taking her on high school-style dates, fanning the flames of her desire—and helping Nora re-discover the sexy, adventurous woman they both know she really is…

Source: ARC from Lyrical Press (Kensington Books) via NetGalley

This is a sweet and sexy read with plenty of life after divorce vibes and an unexpectedly tender romance. Although it’s described as erotica, it’s definitely on the milder side of that genre, because although there’s plenty of raunchy thoughts right from the start, the actual relationship between Rob and Eleanora grows at a steady pace.

I really liked Eleanora. She’s a shy woman who’s only ever been with one man and has suddenly found herself thrust back into the dating scene in her early thirties, after ten years of marriage to a worthless man. The trouble is the only friends she has to go out with are in their twenties and their style of dating really doesn’t suit her. Eleanora is a numbers girl, she likes things straight forward and simple and she’s not used to flirting or putting herself out there. Add in the emotional battering she’s been subjected to throughout her marriage, and her confidence is non-existent at the start of this book.

Then along comes Rob. I loved how he treated Eleanora and also how serious he is about her from the moment they meet. He’s a man who knows what he wants – and it’s a lot more than flirting, dates and a quick hook up. The way he rebuilds her confidence, listens to what she wants and essentially takes their dating back to their teenage years is just adorable. He’s also hot, strong and protective, which doesn’t hurt, but he also gives her back the power she’s been missing for ten years and helps her find her own strengths once more.

Of course it’s not all plain sailing thanks to that jerk of an ex Eleanora has hanging around, but on the whole this is a sweet read with added heat to keep things ticking along. If you’re an erotica fan you might find this a little tame for your tastes, but if you like your romance with plenty of spice along with the sweet, then this could be for you. Especially if you like characters who have a few relationship battle scars and an honourable guy who isn’t afraid to go after what he wants, white picket fence and all, and likewise isn’t worried about taking his time over doing so. This is my first book by this author, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last.

Her Shirtless Gentleman is out August 4th!
Visit M.Q. Barber for more details.


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