Review: Torn Sky

cover-torn skyTitle: Torn Sky
Author: Tracy Banghart
Series: Rebel Wing #3
Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Length: Novel
Available: Now


The end is near . . .

When Aris Haan brought down Safara’s biggest war criminal, she’d thought it was a turning point in the war. Victory was on the horizon, as was a peaceful future with her Promised, Milek.

But a deadly new threat has emerged: a Safaran bomb that could wipe out all of Atalanta in one catastrophic blast. Aris is tasked with finding the weapon before it is completed, a mission made more difficult when she starts to suspect that there is a Safaran spy in her unit. Friendships are tested, loyalties are strained, and suddenly Aris no longer knows whom she can trust.

In the epic conclusion to the Rebel Wing series, Atalanta’s fate rests on Aris’s shoulders. Can she find the bomb before it destroys everything—and everyone—she loves?

Source: ARC from Alloy Entertainment via NetGalley

The Rebel Wing series comes to an end with a satisfying finale. I loved the first book so much that I feel like I gave the second a bit of a hard time when it wasn’t quite what I anticipated. As such, I came to this book without any expectations and mostly enjoyed it, though it’s more similar to the second book than the first.

Actually, I was slightly surprised at how much of this book is taken up with characters other than Aris. Not just with the Galena and politics, but Aris’ best friend, Dysis, gets a whole chunk of story here, along with some of the smaller characters. This is good, because in terms of the war, Aris’ plot is broadly similar to the last book – flying secret planes, looking for hidden things, receiving a lot of trust – just without the romance, since that’s fairly resolved for her now.

Although this book deals with traitors and torture and the huge threat of a terrible weapon hanging over everything, I didn’t find it as tense as the other books. Possibly because of the way the narrative was divided fairly equally between Aris, Galena and Dysis. Aris is busy looking for things, Galena is still struggling with the aftereffects of her captivity and Dysis is trying to cope with injury, and although each of them are working towards the same goal, their activities are so different that I found them all interesting rather than compelling.

I’m also kind of sad that the whole gender issue is missing from this book, as though it’s been entirely swept aside and forgotten about. True, with the raising of the stakes of war there wouldn’t have been much room for it, but it was such a vital part of the series so far that I missed it here. I also found the number of trustworthy things that various characters were let in on seemed unconvincingly high. Aris gets told everything, while Dysis isn’t too far behind. Quite the responsibility for a couple of teenagers (or near enough), even in times of war.

Overall this is a good read and draws the series to a satisfying conclusion. I do think things got a bit rushed towards the end, and perhaps things were slightly convenient at times, but it works well enough. For me, personally, neither this nor the second book quite lives up to the promise of Rebel Wing, but the series as a whole is enjoyable and I love how strong Aris has become compared to the character who first appeared. If you like flight, are intrigued by politics and war, or are looking for a futuristic tale to pass the time, you should give this series a try. I’m glad I did and I’ll be interested to see what this author comes up with next.

Torn Sky is Out Now!
Visit Tracy Banghart for more details.


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