Review: Snow Prints

cover-snow printsTitle: Snow Prints
Author: May Williams
Series: Michigan Moonlight #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now


With a successful career, and his dream house under construction, the only thing missing from Adrien Peterson’s life is love. Since high school, Adrien’s heart has belonged to the irresistible Gracie Sinclair. If only he could make the her see it…

Single mother Gracie’s worked hard for everything she’s got. Between her son, her nursing job, and violin playing, she’s built a life that, if not a dream, is something she can be proud of. She’s had enough lovers and family walk out on her to know not to want more. But then Adrien moves next door while his house is being built, bringing with him a tempting charm she remembers all too well.

Adrien is determined to break down the walls around Gracie’s heart. When she reluctantly agrees to a six-week trial relationship, he has one shot to show her just what a dream love can be…

Source: Review copy from Penner Publishing via NetGalley

This lovely friends-to-lovers romance is full of sweetness and charm, with a real second-chance feel about it. Although that’s not quite accurate since Adrien and Gracie have never actually been together before, but they share so much history and have had strong feelings for each other for so long that they might as well have been childhood sweethearts.

Adrien is wonderful. He fell in love with Gracie when they were teenagers and she was his best friend, he even proposed to her once, but since she turned him down flat he’s been a lot more cautious around her. Now that he’s finally finished his degrees and is back home to build his dream house, he’s finally ready to give her another shot. The way he goes about everything is adorable – he’s adorable. He might have a lot of confidence, but he’s not arrogant and I loved the way he steadily makes a space for himself in Gracie’s life. The way he also builds a relationship with Brett, Gracie’s son, is lovely too. He’s an all-rough good guy and I loved reading about him.

As for Gracie, I definitely admired and liked her most of the time. She’s such a hard worker, doing everything she can to create the best possible life for her son, that I couldn’t help liking her. However, when it comes to Adrien there were times when I wanted to shake some sense into her. I understand her abandonment and inadequacy issues, but just when it seems she’s come to terms with everything, suddenly she’s back at square one again. Though a touch irritating at times, I liked her enough to cope with it. Until one certain moment when she makes a totally foolish choice that isn’t based on anything she knows about Adrien at all. Right then I was ready to wash my hands of her. Except I liked Adrien and Brett too much and wanted them to get their HEA. Oh well.

Populated with the same fun characters as Animal Prints, and setting things up very nicely for the third book in the series, this is a sweet, clean romance with some lovely characters and an adorable romance. There are times when the heroine might just test your patience a bit, but stick with it because Adrien and Brett are worth it. I love all of Adrien’s family too (especially his over-excitable nephew) and it was great seeing them all again. If you’re looking for something easy and enjoyable, then you can’t go far wrong with this. I can’t wait to see how Gabe’s tale turns out.

Snow Prints is Out Now!
Visit May Williams for more details.


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