Review: Seaside Duet

cover-summer beach brideTitle: Seaside Duet
Author: H.Y. Hanna
Series: Summer Beach Romance #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


When Natalie rescues Ben Falco at the beach, she never expects to fall in love with the sexy American rock star. But how can she find happiness with Ben if she can’t even face the demons from her past?

Meanwhile Sara Monroe is looking forward to a beautiful beach wedding with TV heartthrob, Dr Craig Murray. However, with the paparazzi hounding her and a jealous ex-boyfriend on the scene, things are not looking good for her perfect day…

Life in the seaside town of Summer Beach, Australia is about to get exciting!

* This is the 6th book in the Summer Beach Romance series. EACH BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE, or read them in order for more fun! Characters you loved from past books often return to delight again in this sweet romance series set in Summer Beach, Australia.

Source: Review copy from the author via NetGalley

I like this series. It’s fun and so easy to read, whisking me away Down Under to a sunny Australian beach where often the toughest thing newcomers have to face is understanding the local lingo. So I was delighted to head back for the sixth installment in what used to be known as the Summer Beach Vets series (well, the vets had to run out at some point).

Despite the Duet in the title, this book is not a double-bill. It’s one story divided between two romantic plots: Natalie and Ben are new characters for the series, while Sara and Craig starred in the first book. Since both plots have a predominantly female viewpoint, I don’t feel like I got to know Ben all that well, while Craig was just the laid back guy hanging around in the background of the wedding plans.

I have to admit I didn’t particularly warm to Natalie. She’s obviously a hard worker and she loves her grandmother, but the massive chip she’s carrying on her shoulder against musicians that leads her to treat Ben so rudely eliminated her good points. When she relaxes she does become a nice person, but always, always, she’s ready to take immediate offence when music is raised. Things with her father I was less certain of because I could see where she was coming from on that, yet likewise I could also see why Ben didn’t get it. Ultimately, though, I was on Natalie’s side with that.

But this book isn’t just about Natalie. No, it’s finally time for Sara to marry Craig in the newly opened hotel. Poor Sara, I couldn’t believe that Craig asked her to work with a film crew on the build up to their wedding. I know he’s a laid back, no worries kind of guy, but with everything they went through with the press when they first got together, you’d think the guy would have learnt his lesson. Apparently not. He comes off as an insensitive bloke while poor Sara has to go through the ringer all over again. I did feel bad for her with what she goes through, even if I felt like some of the drama was over-the-top ridiculous, especially towards the end.

However, that’s part of the fun of this series. It’s light, it’s fluffy, it’s exceedingly easy to read and is perfect for kicking back and relaxing with. The romance is sweet and clean, the setting is beautiful and the plot doesn’t go in for nasty surprises. If you’re looking for something undemanding to relax the brain, then this series is pretty good fun.

Seaside Duet is Out Now!
Visit H.Y. Hanna for more details.


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