Review: Notch in Your Belt

cover-notch in your beltTitle: Notch in Your Belt
Author: Kayla Bain-Vrba
Series: – –
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: Short Story
Available: August 19th


Wyatt’s first album launched him into country music stardom, a shocking success of gay-country. But now he has to record his second album, and all efforts are coming up blank. His manager finally runs out of patience and sends him inspiration: Bryce, who played keys on Wyatt’s tour, and the man that Wyatt is secretly in love with.

Bryce has been in love with Wyatt for a long time, but everyone knows he’s a notorious player, there and gone again as soon as he’s gotten what he wants. Then Wyatt unexpectedly admits his feelings, and Bryce thinks maybe he’s been wrong this whole. But when he wakes up the next morning, Wyatt is gone.

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

Well, that was frustrating. I was quite enjoying this short story from Wyatt’s POV as he struggles to find inspiration for his new album. He’s an openly gay country star who fell in love with a man he can’t have. Aww. Then we meet Bryce, who was a musician on his last tour and comes around to help with the writer’s block. He also happens to be who Wyatt is in love with.

They, for some reason, end up on a camping trip and talk about things, which is all good and cute and enjoyable. Then the story flicks over to Bryce’s POV and everything falls to bits.

This is not because I didn’t like Bryce. On the contrary, I thought he was great, even if it did take way too long for the reason why Wyatt couldn’t make a move on him to come out. That’s all fine. It’s Wyatt I took issue with, because Wyatt is a dick.

I’m not going to say why (although the blurb up there gives a big old hint), I’m just going to say he’s a jerk and Bryce could do better. So much better. Everything about the first scene from Bryce right up to the end just didn’t work for me. It… just… no. No. Sorry.

Which is a shame, because the first half held so much potential and offered so much – and then Wyatt showed his true colours and Bryce failed to remove him from his life. It’s not the least bit romantic, in fact it’s mostly frustrating. At least it was only a short story so didn’t take up much time.

Notch in Your Belt is out August 19th.
Visit Kayla Bain-Vrba for more details.


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