Review: Just Say Yes

cover-just say yesTitle: Just Say Yes
Author: Alyssa Goodnight
Series: ?
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: August 24th


Single mom Jade Moran isn’t ready for any big changes in either her horrible ’70s kitchen or her romantic life. Her ex did a number on her, and she isn’t interested in getting hurt again. But when she meets a super-hot contractor, she wonders if avocado appliances are on the way out and romance is on the way in.

Max Gianopoulis doesn’t have a clue why he’s so enchanted by Jade. She’s almost as big a mess as her kitchen, and he’s a guy who likes to keep things simple. But Jade has turned up the flirty heat – and he can’t keep his hands off her.

With everything moving too fast and coming too easy, Jade’s insecurities kick into high gear. She’s not sure she can trust another man again – and she definitely doesn’t believe in happily ever afters.

Source: ARC from Entangled Select via NetGalley

I really enjoyed this fun, flirty contemporary with an unexpected touch of kitchen magic on the side. This is a very cute story, although it can be a bit confusing at times. Such as at the very beginning when Jade and her daughter Evie meet Opal in a café, then go on to meet Max. The conversation flows thick and fast, but I have to admit I found it a bit confusing to follow, especially all the talk of Yeses, and whether Jade was flirting with Max or not, or if she meant to flirt, or if she didn’t, and what Evie had to do with it all.

As I said, confusing. However, stick with it, because despite the occasionally tangled up and quirky style, this book is a lot of fun. Jade is a single mother with a great relationship with her teenage daughter. She hasn’t dated since her ex left her (thirteen years ago), but Evie is determined to throw her mother back in the game. Which is where Max comes along. Jade spends a lot of time thinking about what she wants and working out why she isn’t going to get it, which can be a bit annoying at times. But the moments when she’s stops thinking and just starts enjoying are great – the dialogue is witty, the relationships are fun and the characters are great.

As for Max, he’s a man who knows what he wants. And then promptly throws all that aside because Jade intrigues him. I loved how he ended up changing all his plans for her, and that he does it first without thinking and then without really worrying about it. There are a few moments of token resistance, but on the whole he’s easy-going, charming and lovely.

Then there are the other characters – so many other characters! I don’t mind, because I love characters in all their glorious forms, but I have to admit there might just be a few too many in this book. Jade has her daughter, her ex and his other half, not to mention the best friend who lives next door (and writes an erotic novella). Max has his grandmother and sister, who are both great, interfering fun. Then there’s also Opal the kitchen witch and the various characters from the supper club. All of whom have interesting backstories of their own. It’s all good fun, but perhaps a little crowded at times, adding to the general confusion.

Lastly there’s the magic. Food magic, which may or may not be having an effect on Jade’s behaviour. She and Evie start out pretty sceptical, and it’s hard to know where Max stands on things, but as the story goes on so the magic creeps in a little more here and there. It’s not vital to the plot and mostly just helps keep things light and cute, especially when it comes to a certain bag of candies.

So although a touch confusing in some places and rather crowded in others, this is a fun little read. The characters keep things interesting, the romance has plenty of heat and the whole thing just made me smile. With this many side characters hanging around, I hope there will be more from this setting. I want to see how the supper club pairings work out, learn more about Tessa’s roller derby career, and see what other magical treats Opal can dream up next.

Just Say Yes is out August 24th!
Visit Alyssa Goodnight for more details.


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