Review: The Storm Leopards

cover-storm leopardsTitle: The Storm Leopards
Author: Holly Webb
Series: Wintry Tales
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Length: 192 pages
Available: Sept 10th


From best-selling author Holly Webb comes a charming wintery story just in time for Christmas.

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and Isabelle is enjoying a family day out at the zoo. As her sister watches the penguins, Isabelle is the only one to catch a glimpse of a snow leopard, with its beautiful spotted silver-grey coat and long fluffy tail.

Source: ARC from Stripes Publishing (Little Tiger Group) via NetGalley

Holly Webb strikes again with another adorable tale mixing animals, a dream-like adventure and a less-well-known culture. This time it’s Mongolia and the local people who are working with conservationists to protect the beautiful snow leopards.

When Isabelle visits the zoo and sees a snow leopard for the first time, she can’t believe she didn’t know about these wonderful cats before. After buying a Christmas ornament made in Mongolia, she begins to research more about them online. But then an unexpected adventure leads her far closer to the leopards than she ever expected to be.

I really enjoyed this tale. Isabelle is an ordinary young girl with an interest in animals, like so many other children out there, and snow leopards are always worth reading about. I loved how the Mongolian local life was woven into the story, along with conservation efforts and reasons why this can both help and hinder the people who have to live with these wild animals. It’s a fascinating tale that is also interesting and illustrated throughout with gorgeous pictures.

If you’re looking for something wintry or perhaps even Christmassy for the animal-loving girl in your life, then definitely take a look at this – especially if cats are a favourite. It’s not just a fun adventure tale either, and has plenty of things for readers to learn about as well as enjoy, from ages 7+. Any adults reading along might just pick up a few new facts of their own too.

The Storm Leopards is out September 10th!
Visit Holly Webb for more details.


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