Review: Dodging Temptation

cover-dodging temptationTitle: Dodging Temptation
Author: Avery Flynn
Series: The Retreat #1
Genre: Hot Contemporary
Length: Short Novel
Available: Sept 14th


Love takes aim and fires…

On the cusp of closing a multi-billion dollar deal, Dodge Loving can’t afford for anything go wrong at his ultra-exclusive luxury resort, where privacy isn’t just promised it’s guaranteed. So when he finds paparazzi hiding in the bushes, he’ll do anything to get rid of them-even if it means firing their target: the sexy, stuck up bookworm his mom hired.

Harper Conner just wants to be left alone to catalog the resort’s rare cowboy diaries. But after slapping her cheating senator ex-husband during a televised press conference-she’s a hot commodity for the tabloids.

Alone for the first time, without the protection of her political dynasty of a family, she can’t afford to get fired-especially by the Type-A jerk who runs the place. And she definitely should never have kissed him. Now Harper has two choices: get outta Dodge…or fall in love with him.

Source: ARC from Entangled Indulgence via NetGalley

I had quite a big problem with this book – the characters. I didn’t like any of them, except Garth. I quite liked what little I saw of him. Everyone else was kind of annoying, but none more so than the main pair.

Normally Harper has the perfect background to get me onside with her. She slapped her cheating ex-husband on live TV when he ignored her wishes and tried to reconcile as a publicity stunt – brilliant! And yet… yeah, and yet I just didn’t like her. I get that she’s spent her life bowing to the wishes of others and doing her best to be the good girl, even when everyone around her is always out for something. However, I don’t see why she has to take that out on Dodge when her mere presence is enough to seriously compromise his business. Yes, he wants something from her, but since his mother is the only person who bothered to offer her a helping hand, you’d think she might want to return the favour.

Or, maybe, find a compromise?

Then again, compromise isn’t in Dodge’s vocabulary either. I think he had every right to be annoyed when he found that the woman his mother hired to catalog her rare books is in fact the notorious ex-wife of a fallen politician, because he runs an exclusive resort that promises privacy to its celebrity guests and she’s attracted the worst kind of paparazzi. Clearly Harper did nothing to hide the fact she was going to work there, and when it becomes an issue she doesn’t care, because why should she? She’s spent her life bothering about other people’s wishes, now it’s her turn – to destroy an innocent bystander’s business reputation. Nice.

I could have been on Dodge’s side about this, but he’s a bully. He charges in with a his way or the highway attitude, getting all paranoid that she’s a spy or something. He’s arrogant and rude, and she’s selfish and irritating. The pair of them deserve each other. And that’s without all the revenge plots on Dodge’s side.

Then there’s his family. Not his dad, since he has a blink and you’ll miss it appearance so he’s forgiven, but his brothers are really irritating and his mother might be perfectly Zen but she’s also a pain who doesn’t listen to her children. Why are none of them on Dodge’s side? He’s trying to protect the business, yet they’re all about how great Harper is. I can understand why they might  be wary of his expansion plans, but no one seems to care a fig for their actual business. True, he has his faults, but Harper isn’t exactly innocent in all of this either.

So, yeah, this book didn’t work for me. There’s chemistry and smoking hot scenes, but because I didn’t like anyone I couldn’t have cared less. I was also irritated that Dodge is totally to blame at the end, when Harper makes a mistake and takes no responsibility for it – because she was trying to help. So why didn’t she tell anyone what she was doing?

In all this wasn’t for me. If you like your heroes completely alpha and your heroines feisty to the point of selfishness, with plenty of hot sex along the way, then you’ll probably enjoy this. Personally it just gave me an ice cream headache.

Dodging Temptation is out September 14th.
Visit Avery Flynn for more details.


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