Review: Take Me Home

cover-take me homeTitle: Take Me Home
Author: Candi Wall
Series: Home is Where the Heat is #3
Genre: Hot Contemporary
Length: Novella
Available: Sept 22nd


She’s beautiful. Sexy. Important. Now all he has to do is make her believe it.

Rude and fake people aren’t Cash Dillon’s style, and there are more of them here in New York than the entire population of his Texas hometown. Once this quick modeling job is done, he’s gettin’ the hell outta Dodge—with a fat paycheck to help take care of his Gram. Until the magazine’s sweet, curvy assistant editor crosses his path and blows him away.

The moment Cash turns his sinfully erotic gaze in her direction, Shawna Little sternly tells herself to ignore temptation and keep her mind firmly on climbing the career ladder at StyleU magazine. Attention from someone as smoking hot as Cash isn’t easy for her to accept, especially since her own curvetastic body is constantly surrounded by gorgeous, stick-thin models.

When she and Cash touch, her body issues, her career plans—even her future—are almost lost in a cloud of steam. But can she trust Cash’s insistence that the hot-as-hell attraction between them is honest, real…and forever?

Warning: Contains one sexy cowboy looking for a real woman with a real heart, one with a taste for firebrand bedroom heat. And this cowboy won’t settle for anything fake. Including fake orgasms.

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

Yet another seductively hot offering from the Home is Where the Heat is series, this time starring a reformed playboy cowboy turned male model and the “plain Jane” girl he can’t resist. I think this one is my favourite of the series so far. Cash is lovely – sinfully sexy and wonderfully charming. He’s fed up of being used by women just looking for a quick ego boost and he sees something in Shawna that makes him think she wants the same.

Except Shawna is torn between the girl she grew up as and the woman she wants to be. On the one hand she’s sweet, kind and insecure about her looks, on the other she’s an ambitious, cold, go-getter that Cash struggles to identify with. I have to admit I didn’t always like Shawna – particularly towards the end – but there was something quite sad about her desire to be remembered. She didn’t even care what for, she just wanted someone, somewhere (the more the better) to know of her and her life so that she wasn’t forgotten after she died.

The way Cash tries to tempt the sweet Shawna out is frequently adorable and there are some surprisingly touching moments towards the end. True, there’s also a bit of commitment-phobe running away moments, but as with the rest of this series it’s the women fleeing as fast as they can, while the men mope and moan – which makes a nice change. I was curious about how it was all going to get resolved and although it ends a bit sharply, I think it worked quite well.

More sensual than the other books, though with more depth to the plot, this was a swift, enjoyable read. Cash is adorable and although Shawna is a bit changeable in her moods, I did understand where she was coming from. If you’re looking for something quick and sexy, with a bit of sweetness and an underlying Ugly Duckling theme, then you might want to give this a try. Especially if you like your sexy cowboys with heaps of charm.

Take Me Home is out September 22nd!
Visit Candi Wall for more details.


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