Review: Roth (Hell Squad)

cover-rothTitle: Roth
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Hell Squad #5
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: Sept 23rd


In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on…

Roth Masters is a protector to the bone. Driven by the losses of his past, he fights side-by-side with Hell Squad to protect the human survivors of the alien invasion. As leader of Squad Nine, he and his team are known for their perfect timing in a firefight. But Roth knows they need more intel on the raptor invaders—something to turn the tide of the battle. And he knows the woman he rescued from an alien facility is hiding secrets he desperately wants to uncover.

Former Coalition Central Intelligence Agent Avery Stillman is still adjusting to her new life. Left with terrible gaps in her memory, she has vague recollections of failed negotiations with the aliens, the invasion, and after that…nothing. Until a hard-bodied soldier pulled her from a tank in an alien lab. Now she’s trying desperately to remember, to help fight back, and also battling the crazy attraction to the man who keeps pushing her for things she can’t remember.

Soon Roth finds himself torn between his duty and keeping the strong woman he’s falling for safe. As the pair head into alien territory to investigate, they are attacked and crash land alone, far from base. They have to work together to survive the aliens, but when Avery finally remembers everything…her secrets could annihilate all they hold dear.

Source: ARC from the author

Oh, I have missed this series. It hasn’t been gone very long – and I’ve been more than compensated with awesome Phoenix Adventures in between – but there’s something addictive about this post-alien invasion world with its kickass heroines and the alpha males brave enough to tangle with them. And this one is a tiny bit special too because Hell Squad aren’t really involved (though they are hanging around) – instead we have Roth, leader of intriguing Squad Nine, which is made up mostly of women and spend most of their missions flying – where do I sign up? (Although if I could do it without the dinosaur-alien apocalypse, that would be great.)

So Roth is an enlightened alpha guy who has no trouble recognising the strengths of the women around him. He’s also pretty honourable and high on the protective quota. The only thing that slightly lets his good points down is Avery. Once a super intelligence agent, then turned alien experiment, Roth finds it hard to believe her when she says she doesn’t remember anything. In fact he thinks she’s lying. Or at least he did. Yet the more he sees her the more uncertain he is about everything – except his need to see more of her.

Avery is used to being dangerous and secretive, but for once she’s telling the truth when she says she can’t remember. But she’s willing to do almost anything to get her memory back – which I had to admire her for. Like many other women in this series, she’s strong and confident in her abilities and she isn’t prepared to be coddled.

However, much though I liked both her and Roth, I don’t feel like I got to know them particularly well (Avery in particular), and I feel that their relationship moved perhaps a little too fast considering where they started. Then again, this book is definitely about more than just the romance. Because things with the aliens are changing. After the big events of the previous four books, it was hard to know where the overriding plot could go next. Don’t worry, this book definitely answers that question – because of who Avery was before and certain things the Hell Squad have unearthed on their missions. Trouble is brewing for the Blue Mountain Base and I can’t wait to see how they shake out.

This is another great installment from this highly enjoyable series, offering up another sexy man and a smart woman who is strong enough to match him. It also has a compelling plot that shows that things are far from over yet. Also – Noah’s up next! I cannot wait to read about the bossy tech genius in all his geeky glory, and thanks to Anna Hackett’s prolific excellence I probably won’t have to wait long. Though there’s still a certain pair in Hell Squad that I wouldn’t mind reading more of if ever the chance should arrive…

Hell Squad: Roth is September 23rd!
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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