Interview with Angela Dennis

cover-dance with the devilToday I’m welcoming author Angela Dennis to the blog to talk about her new book, Dance With The Devil, and a whole new series, Soul’s Harbor Pride.

This is particularly exciting because Angela’s been best known for her Shadow Born series, a supernatural Urban Fantasy setting that crosses worlds with magic, witches, wars, ghosts and immortal dangers.

Now it’s time for Paranormal Romance and shifters to have a try.

BG: Hi, Angela – welcome to Book Gannet Reviews! Your new series, Soul’s Harbor Pride, is quite different from your previous books. Can you tell me more about it?

AD: First off, thank you so much for having me!  I’m thrilled to be here!
And you’re right, Soul’s Harbor Pride is very different from my Shadow Born series. There’s definitely more emphasis on relationships and romance, but there’s still a little mystery as well.  The first book DANCE WITH THE DEVIL is a forbidden love story. It’s about two lion-shifters from rival prides who must choose between their loyalty to their prides and their love for one another. There’s mystery, romance, and sexy-times. One of my favorite things about DANCE is that both main characters are alphas. The dynamic between them was really fun to write.

BG: I really loved that both of your main characters were strongly dominant, yet also outcasts. Before I delve a little more into that, though, I have to ask: why shifters, and why lions? (Not that there needs to be an excuse, because lions are awesome, but still…)

AD: That’s a great question! I have always wanted to write a shifter book–my bookshelf is full of them–but I was never able to come up with the right story until DANCE.  I’m a cat person through and through, so I knew I wanted to do cat-shifters. And, you’re right, lions are awesome! But I chose them mainly because I’m fascinated by the idea of a black lion. There is so much controversy surrounding their existence that I thought it would be a fun thing to delve into. There are photo-shopped pictures of black lions all over the internet, and most people think they don’t exist. However, you have to wonder. Especially considering the folklore that’s out there. Some sources claim there have been at least two black lions sighted, but I’m not sure those sources are accurate. All in all, the black lion is a mystery. I love a good mystery, so I had to incorporate it into a story.

BG: I haven’t come across the Black Lion mystery before ((pays a visit to Google)). Interesting! You learn something new, and all that. I had no idea. I already loved the idea that your black lions are the shamans of their prides – now I even understand why. Which brings me back to dominant characters and outcasts. Despite being a very powerful shifter, Jillian’s half-breed status has caused serious trouble for her in the past. Was it intentional that her greatest strengths had essentially become her greatest weaknesses? And how difficult was it working out how to get her over such obstacles?

AD: That’s a great question! And, yes, it was definitely intentional. I wanted this to be a story about acceptance. Jillian’s strengths become her weaknesses because she’s afraid of them.  In order to succeed, she has to accept who she is and own her own power. It takes her a while, but by the end of the book she finally does, and I love that. However, it was a challenge getting her there. She is her own worst enemy.

BG: Speaking of enemies… how much fun did you have writing the mysterious Quinn? Please tell me you have more plans for his manipulative downfall in the future. 

AD: I LOVE Quinn. He was so much fun to write. And yes, I do have plans for him *rubs hands together.*  I’ve got the perfect woman for Quinn. She’s going to bring this bad boy to his knees! As it stands, I’m planning for Quinn’s book to be the third in the series. However, you’ll see a lot of him in the next book, which focuses on Lucas.

BG: Oh good, more Lucas. I have to say this book is packed with fascinating alpha men, not least of whom is your hero, Carrick. Care to describe him for those not lucky enough to have met him yet?

AD: Definitely. I have to say, Carrick is one of my favorite heroes. He’s hot, sexy, and powerful. But the thing I love the most about Carrick, is that he’s secure in himself. He’s not threatened by Jillian’s strength. In fact, it’s one of the things he loves about her. And there’s nothing sexier than a man who knows how to love and appreciate a woman.

BG: And if that isn’t an enticement for people to read, I don’t know what is! But before I encourage people to run off and buy your book, is there anything else you’d like to add – about this book, these characters, this world or the series as a whole? 

AD: The great thing about DANCE WITH THE DEVIL is that it has a little something for everyone. It’s filled with mystery, suspense, humor, and, of course, romance. It’s also filed with sexy alpha males, quirky sidekicks, and manipulative bad guys. I’m hoping every reader will find someone they can relate to and cheer for in the Soul’s Harbor Pride.

Angela Dennis lives outside Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, son and a Sheltie with a hero complex. When she is not at her computer crafting stories, she can be found feeding her coffee addiction, playing peek-a-boo, or teaching her son about the great adventures found only in books.

You can visit Angela at her blog or at her website She loves to hear from her readers, so find her on Twitter for a chat @angeladennis.

cover-dance with the devil

Huge thanks to Angela Dennis for agreeing to answer my questions and give a little more insight into the Soul’s Harbor world.
DANCE WITH THE DEVIL is out now at all good retailers and my own review can be found HERE.

Go, read, enjoy!



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