Review: Delicious Complication

cover-delicious complicationTitle: Delicious Complication
Author: Sabrina Sol
Series: Delicious Desires #2
Genre: Hot Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


A sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…

Temptation is a dish best served hot…

Event planner Daisy Robles can’t remember a time when celebrity restaurateur-and celebrated playboy-Brandon Montoya didn’t make her nuts. His infuriating arrogance, his hotness…his undeniable sexual energy. One night and whole lot of expensive tequila later, Daisy’s self-control is AWOL. And Brandon’s making her crazy in all the right ways.

When their tequila-fueled make-out session hits the tabloids, Brandon is furious. At least until he realizes his “relationship” with Daisy is his chance to get his ill mother to Los Angeles for treatment. All he has to do is convince Daisy to be his pretend fiancée for two weeks…

The deal? No sex and no falling in love. But all it takes is a little heat to find themselves in a deliciously compromising position…

Source: ARC from Entangled Brazen via NetGalley

This was a short, sexy read with a familiar storyline and high on the enjoyment factor. I love a good enemies to lovers romance, although to be honest these two weren’t really ever enemies. Daisy’s always been drawn to Brandon, she just doesn’t trust him (or anyone) not to grind her heart to dust, so she prefers antagonism rather than risk getting close. Since Brandon has no intention of going where he’s not wanted, he’s always taken his cues from her. Until an expensive bottle of tequila and an unwanted encounter with an ex gets the pair of them far closer than they’ve ever been before. Then temptation strikes.

However, it’s not until the press blows their encounter out of proportion that things change. Brandon needs help getting his mother to LA for health treatment and Daisy is a decent person, so of course she agrees. The fact that Brandon’s contacts can help get her fledgling event planning business off the ground is a definite bonus. The pair of them together are surprisingly sweet and they make a great team as they work out their fake relationship and edge towards romance.

There is nothing new or surprising here, though. Daisy’s business doesn’t really get much plot time – unless it involves someone she can talk to about Brandon – and likewise Brandon’s restaurant serves more as a reason for him to spend time away than as somewhere we can get to know him better. I liked both Brandon’s mother and sister, but their appearances are fairly limited and I’d have liked to have seen more of Daisy’s cousin Amara from the last book. There’s also something that happens towards the end, which although I wasn’t surprised, I was kind of annoyed about – especially when the pair of them hadn’t done anything wrong.

Still, in all, this is a good, enjoyable piece of romance with some nice chemistry between the characters and plenty of heat, with a romance that grows out of a fairly decent relationship, even if the starting point is less than honest. I’m really enjoying this series and look forward to the next one – hopefully between Alex and the lawyer.

Delicious Complication is Out Now!
Visit Sabrina Sol for more details.


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