Review: Four Weddings and a White Christmas

cover-four weddings and a white christmas
Title: Four Weddings and a White Christmas
Author: Jenny Oliver
Series: Cherry Pie Island #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: Now


Welcome back to Cherry Pie Island…the most delicious place to spend Christmas!

Hannah’s holidays are normally spent nibbling chocolate coins with her daughter and arguing with her sister about whether they’re too old for stockings on Christmas morning. But this year, she’s been offered the dressmaker’s job of a lifetime: creating a one-of-a-kind a dress for her school friend Annie’s Christmas wedding on the picture-perfect Cherry Pie Island.

Many mince pies and one hot-pink organza dress later, Hannah is set to snuggle back into her old routine…until she discovers that there are three more weddings this winter – and not a dress in sight!

Four very different themes, four demanding brides and four parties spent avoiding chef Harry Fontaine, whose cynicism is as much a wedding day guarantee as confetti and cake. Hannah has her work cut out for her! Yet, with a sprinkling of snowflakes and Christmas magic, it could be that this is the year when miracles really do happen…if Hannah will let them.

Celebrate four very special weddings with Jenny Olive in the soon-to-be Christmas classic: Four Weddings and a White Christmas. Four very good reasons to get out in the snow and fall in love!

Source: ARC from Carina UK via NetGalley

When did this series get so big? I read the first book back in May when it had just come out, now it’s October and this is the fifth installment – and I had no idea the others existed! Luckily the books don’t have to be read in order and each story can stand alone, else I’d be lost. However, with this book in particular, I think some knowledge of the other stories will help, because those weddings in the title provide lovely glimpses of the previous happy couples. (The ceremony in France is particularly beautiful.)

Anyway, regardless, this book is another slice of warm Cherry Pie Island charm, for all that neither Hannah nor Harry actually live on the island. Instead they have friends who do, mutual friends that lead to them spending many wedding weekends together over the course of a year, clashing personalities, sharing smiles and even falling in love.

I liked Hannah. She starts the book off very flustered and utterly lacking in self-confidence, uncertain that she’s done the right thing in agreeing to make Annie’s dress, yet over the course of the story it’s wonderful seeing her settle into herself and blossom as she accepts her talents and the way life is leading her. She also has an absolutely fabulous family and an adorable little daughter helping to keep her grounded. She’s sweet and talented and fun and extremely likeable.

Unlike Harry. He’s such a grumpy, miserable, bundle of resentment and cynicism that I really wasn’t sure I’d like him at first. His family is quite different to Hannah’s and while he’s definitely not lacking in confidence, his emotions are firmly walled off. Then comes the scene where Harry cooks with Hannah’s daughter, Jemima, and he completely won me over. Those two together are the cutest thing and from then on I was firmly on Harry’s side.

Overall this is an easy, comfortable read full of wedding sweetness and Christmas warmth. There is a romance, but it’s almost an after thought compared with everything else that’s going on. Harry and Hannah spend so little real time together that to be honest I wasn’t entirely convinced by it, but it helped create a lovely ending, thoroughly doused in Christmas tinsel. In all this is another charming addition to the Cherry Pie Island series. If you’re looking for something feel-good to warm you up on a winter night, then consider giving this whole series a go, although perhaps start somewhere earlier than this one to get the full reunion effect.

Four Weddings and a White Christmas is Out Now!
Visit Jenny Oliver for more details.


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