Review: Some Girls Don’t

cover-some girls don'tTitle: Some Girls Don’t
Author: Amy Andrews
Series: Outback Heat #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Now


Local television reporter Selena Durrum is in Jumbuck Springs for three days. Get in, see her grandmother, give her speech, and get out. Her career is about to hit big and she can’t afford any distractions. Especially not her childhood sweetheart…

Jarrod Weston, rural firefighter, isn’t worried about seeing the woman who’d done a midnight runner on him fifteen years earlier. It was a long time ago and he’s moved on with his life… right?

But neither of them were ready for their still potent attraction and the heavy pull of unfinished business. But then Selena gets offered the opportunity of a lifetime and once again has to choose between love and career… Will she go with her heart, or her head?

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

Return to Jumbuck Springs for a second chance romance tale between a local hero firefighter and the small town girl making big on television news. Add in a raging bushfire and this book has enough heat to combust all on its own. And yet, somehow, it didn’t quite work for me.

Most of this is because of Selena. I’m all for a woman being honest in her ambitions, but she doesn’t have to be so mean about it. Not that she’s a nasty person, I just didn’t like how she treats Jarrod, who is a good guy and never short on encouraging words. The way she constantly runs from him and her own emotions is both cowardly and a touch cruel.

However, I also had issues with how quickly the pair of them get physical again. There’s so much unfinished business between them and a lot of hurt, so the swiftness of their reconciliation didn’t quite work for me. It’s all too fast and shallow and although it fits the kind of woman Selena thinks she is, it didn’t quite fit with Jarrod.

Luckily for my enjoyment of the tale, there’s also a massive fire to make things interesting – both visually and emotionally. The dangers posed by the fire and the devastating damage done provide an excellent backdrop to the relationship drama and I could easily see how such an event would make people reevaluate their lives. Nothing is that simple, of course, and further angst does ensue, but it felt more natural and less rushed than the first half.

Overall it’s an okay addition to this series, though probably won’t ever be a favourite for me. Jarrod’s a gorgeous hero, but Selena needed to do a lot more growing up than I felt she had time for in this short tale. If you’re looking for something quick, with a second chance romance and loads of Australian heat (in more ways than one) then this definitely has all of that, even if it didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing how the next Weston brother falls.

Some Girls Don’t is Out Now!
Visit Amy Andrews for more details.


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