Review: Owl and the City of Angels

cover-owl and the city of angels
Title: Owl and the City of Angels
Author: Kristi Charish
Series: Adventures of Owl #2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: Novel
Available: Now


The wild second adventure for unforgettable antiquities thief Owl—a modern-day “Indiana Jane” who reluctantly navigates the hidden supernatural world—from the pen of rising urban fantasy star Kristi Charish. For fans of Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, Jennifer Estep, Jenn Bennett, and the like.

Alix Hiboux, better known as Owl, international antiquities thief for hire, is settling into her new contract job for Vegas mogul Mr. Kurosawa, a red dragon with a penchant for ancient, supernatural artifacts. And now he has his sights set on some treasures of the mysterious Syrian City of the Dead that are sitting in a recluse’s private collection.

There’s just one wrinkle. To stop the resurrection of an undead army that could wreak havoc on Los Angeles, Owl must break into a heavily guarded archaeological sight in one of the most volatile regions in the world. A detour through Libya and a run-in with Somali pirates sends the clock ticking hastily toward total paranormal disaster.

Meanwhile, Alexander and the Paris vampires have stopped stalking Owl’s apartment, but they have by no means forgotten their death grudge against her. To top everything off, Owl finds out the hard way that there is nothing heavenly about the City of Angels…

Source: ARC from Pocket Star via NetGalley

If you enjoyed Owl’s first adventure, then there’s a good chance you’re going to love this one. The danger is as high as ever, the archeology is mysterious and fascinating, Owl is the same prickly, mouthy thief from before and the supernaturals are interfering big time. There might also be a deadly curse, a mummy or two and some pirates to contend with. Just a regular day at the office for Owl.

Although to be perfectly honest the reason why this series is fast becoming one of my favourite Urban Fantasy worlds is entirely due to Captain. The best cat ever returns as well, begging for food, destroying toys and carriers and sinking his teeth into whatever vampires come within reach. Happy days.

However, since (sadly) this book isn’t actually about Captain, there’s also quite a lot of running away, dodging death and head scratching over ancient mysteries and modern confusions. Whereas last time the archeology was refreshingly different in location (Bali) this time around things are more traditional – Egypt and Syria – but modern troubles make them far from the same old stories that have been told before. Add in the numerous supernaturals making life very difficult and it brings a whole new meaning to experiencing history through archeology.

I like Owl, even if she doesn’t always know when she should hold her tongue and there are times when her commonsense clearly goes begging. But I like that about her. When it comes to ancient history she’s smart, but she’s also impetuous and reckless and brave and I like that these things get her into trouble, often the kind from which she can’t always extricate herself without a lot of help. She’s full of flaws, which I can definitely see wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but I like that she’s not all that special – unless you include her talent for attracting trouble.

Her friends balance her nicely. Whether it’s the cool, calm, sophisticated and smart Nadya, who’s always on hand to provide help, translations and a spot of Russian swearing, or Rynn, Owl’s boyfriend, security expert and chief commonsense advisor, there’s always someone on hand to point out how foolish Owl’s being, or to give her someone to bounce ideas off. Not to mention her online gaming friend, Carpe, the elf of questionable ethics and ulterior motives, and plenty of other supernatural beings who help keep things interesting.

If you’re looking for an urban fantasy tale that revels in ancient archeology and has a fast, exciting, absorbing plot, and you like characters with attitude and flaws, whose master plans don’t always go quite as they expect then this series might just be for you. Having thoroughly enjoyed both this book and the last I can’t wait to see where Owl’s adventures take her next. One thing’s for certain – it’s going to be quite a ride.

Owl and the City of Angels is Out Now!
Visit Kristi Charish for more details.


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