Review: Quanta

cover-quantaTitle: Quanta
Author: Lola Dodge
Series: Shadow Ravens #2
Genre: YA Sci-Fi Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now


Just because Quanta can see the future doesn’t mean she can change it. She’s spent most of her life imprisoned, feeding her captors information to keep herself alive, but she’s finally reached the endgame and her death creeps closer by the moment.

The son of two senators, Altair Orpheus leads a life of privilege that provides the perfect cover for his side job: working with the rebel Shadow Ravens to undermine the ruling Seligo government. Everything is running like clockwork until he crosses paths with Quanta. As he watches her deftly maneuver through life in a perverse prison, his plastic heart melts. A jailbreak would be suicide, but Tair is willing to sacrifice everything to give her a chance at happiness.

Now Quanta senses a terrifying new future brewing. She and Tair are bound together, but every image of them kissing, snuggling, and acting knee-weakeningly happy is balanced by a much darker possibility. They’ll be picture perfect together, but only until time rips them apart. How can she follow her heart when she’s seen how their love plays out?

Source: ARC from Ink Monster via NetGalley

The second Shadow Ravens adventure is a fast, furious and thrilling ride. If you haven’t read the first book (Cipher) don’t worry – this book has new characters, a new setting and a new author as we fall deep into the heart of the creepy Seligo world. The world building in this book is just enough to get you along introducing the idea of the immortal Seligo who control everything, the unstable Red Helixs who threaten to undermine everything and the rest of the tattooed Helix folk who actually do all the work in this futuristic dystopic world. (If you want more about the outside, then Cipher will fill in those gaps for you.)

Quanta is an amazing heroine, and not just because she can see the future. Her world is populated by time ghosts that show her past, future and even present. This is thanks to her unstable DNA, which is what makes her a Red Helix (and I’m still curious as to how unstable DNA comes about). She spent the first ten years of her life being raised by the rebel leader, Lady Eva, before being taken back by the evil Dr. Nagi, the ruler of the world and creator of the immortal Seligo. It’s safe to say Quanta’s life isn’t an enviable one. She’s a prisoner, an experiment, has been tortured and tormented for years and spends most of her life trying to outwit her captors – not so she can escape, because she knows that’s a pointless wish, but to make sure she doesn’t give up anything that might lead to the capture and imprisonment of her fellow Red Helixs.

Despite all the bad things that have happened to her, though, she remains strong and determined. She’s no quitter. She might not have much hope for a free future, but she plans to mess with her captors as much as she can before they finally take her out. Or rather, she did, until the arrival of Altair Orpheus messes everything up.

Altair Orpheus (I love his name and the not-so-hidden meanings) is smart and privileged and a secret spy just waiting for his chance to kill Dr. Nagi. Despite being born to a Seligo senator and given every advanced enhancement in life, Tair wants nothing to do with the immortals. He wants to change the world and save the Red Helixs. Which is how he ends up working with Quanta, even if she’s less than cooperative at first.

I loved these two together. They’re both smart and quick and brave, whether they’re sparring with words or trying to escape. They’re story is a fast-paced mess of love, loss, resistance and rebellion. They never give up fighting, no matter what the Seligo throw their way and once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

So, if you’re looking for a swift, absorbing read with characters you can get behind, then this book is probably for you. If you prefer something deep and emotional, though, it probably isn’t. As exciting as this tale is, it moves too quickly to offer much depth and even when the bad things happen I wasn’t moved as much as I would normally have expected. However, there is so much potential for more from these characters, this setting and the rest of this series that I’m hoping that will come in the next book. All I do know is that I can’t wait to see where the Shadow Raven series heads next.

Quanta is Out Now!
Visit Lola Dodge for more details.

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