Review: Capturing the Earl’s Love

cover-capturing the earl
Title: Capturing the Earl’s Love
Author: Jane Lark
Series: Marlow Intrigues #1.5
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Now


From Kindle bestselling Historical romance author, Jane Lark, comes a brand new FREE novella to accompany her breathtaking Marlow Intrigues series.

This novella tells the story of secondary characters from The Illicit Love of a Courtesan…

Rupert Stanforth, Earl of Morton, is exasperated by his sister’s choice of friend. Meredith Divine clings, using Rowena’s plain appearance as a foil for her auburn curls and fuller figure. He would break the friendship, but the more he complains, the more time the girls spend together. Ceasing his disagreement, he hopes the friendship will die, believing Meredith will take a wrong step soon…

Meredith clings to her only friend, Lady Rowena Stanforth, despite the disgusted looks thrown by Rowena’s proud, judgmental brother. Lord Morton cannot abide Meredith because of her low standing, but Meredith’s heart favours him . . . then in his single act of kindness, Meredith grasps an opportunity she cannot resist…

Source: Free download

So picture the scene – a lofty young earl heartily dislikes the pretty young woman hanging around his sister, no doubt using her for some manipulative means, while that same young woman longs for the arrogant earl that she knows doesn’t like her, but oh, how she wishes he did. Add in the prospect of a terrible marriage to a horrible old man…

And disaster. Or sheer brazen foolishness. Or some other form of unfathomable stupidity that ends up in an unbelievable marriage.

The idea that Meredith forces Rupert into a compromising position so that he’ll marry her is one thing, that she expects it to end well is quite another. True, she’s young, but he has never done anything to show the least sign of liking her so her love for him is beyond baffling. Well, until he comforts her when she’s crying. However, since that ends up in him being forced to marry her, I’d say that was a fair indication that he wouldn’t be fond of her afterwards. But nope, she’s all starry-eyed happiness because they’re getting married! Until she gets brought back to earth with a hard bump, of course. Then she’s apologetic, if not actually sorry.

I didn’t blame Rupert for being so blazingly angry about the whole thing – I was furious on his behalf. Right up until the moment that he decides being good in bed means it’s love. Frankly, I wasn’t fond on him anyway – he’s an arrogant snob – so they deserve each other. Meredith is utterly lacking in any personality beyond being in love with Rupert, while he isn’t much better. They both had unhappy childhoods, they both behave in selfish ways, they enjoy sex together and therefore are soul mates.

In all I found this disappointing. The longer books I’ve read in this series have been really enjoyable with interesting characters and intriguing scenarios. This novella had neither. I’m just glad it was short. If this was where I’d started this series, I wouldn’t have read any further. Thankfully it wasn’t, and if you’re thinking of trying this series, I’d recommend not starting here either. Try out one of the novels – they’re much better.

Capturing the Earl’s Love is Out Now.
Visit Jane Lark for more details.


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