Review: Noah (Hell Squad)

cover-NoahTitle: Noah
Author: Anna Hackett
Series Hell Squad #6
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


The battle of survival against the invading aliens heats up…but Hell Squad never quits.

Tech genius Noah Kim works day and night to keep the survivors at Blue Mountain Base with lights, power and hot water. He’s also working on a top secret project to help keep them safe. He’s tired, stressed and under pressure—and one woman adds to it all. An annoying, infuriating redhead he calls Captain Dragon.

Captain Laura Bladon lost everything she cared for in the alien invasion: her loving family, her Navy SEAL fiancé and her military career. Since then, she’s been numb, her feelings encased in ice, and she’s dedicated herself to her job as chief interrogator and running the base’s prison. But one person can get under her skin in an instant—arrogant, brilliant Noah. He’s the one thing that makes her feel—and that makes her very afraid.

But as Laura helps Noah on his project, the two are drawn irresistibly together. As they head into the desert with Hell Squad on a mission to a hidden alien outpost, sparks fly and a passionate desire is uncovered. Both are holding onto past hurts, scared to take the risk of loving again…but when the unthinkable happens, it changes everything…and Laura and Noah must find the power to save themselves, their friends and their love.

Source: ARC from the author

Brace yourselves, Hell Squad fans, because the tension is about to crank up yet another gear in the latest sizzling installment from this fast-paced, enthralling series. And for the first time, the hero is not a soldier. That’s right, this time it’s all about the grumpy tech genius Noah, who spends his days ensuring the secret Blue Mountain base continues to function so everyone inside can stay alive. He’s a man in demand with a never-ending To Do list and one of his most frequent and recurring issues is Captain Dragon.

Captain Laura Bladon – or Dragon to Noah – is a fearsome warrior woman who shut down her emotions after the alien invasion. She’s a rigid rule keeper, a bit stern, rather uptight and has no patience for arrogance men, even if they are official geniuses. I loved the way she and Noah spark off each other – he because he has no patience for anything these days, and she because she doesn’t want to be attracted to him. They’re both strong willed characters who rule their own little kingdoms within the base, and neither is fond of taking orders or being proved wrong.

Yet there’s so much more to both of them than their antagonistic relationship – as they soon find out. Laura had love once and lost it and is too afraid to risk doing so again, while Noah was disillusioned in a big way long before the aliens came, and he has no intention of getting hurt either. However, when they come together it’s obvious that there’s more between them than a fiery attraction. The trouble is, finding time to do anything about it.

As with the rest of this series there’s a lot going on beyond the romance. Events in the previous books have been building up to a new crisis and it’s up to Noah to find the right tech to keep as many people safe as possible – but he’s running out of options and time. As the chief interrogator of alien prisoners, Laura feels her own level of stress as she too tries to find answers to critical questions. There aren’t a lot of times when their work overlaps, and yet, in this book certain things happen that lead to them working together.

In usual Hackett style, I loved the partnership these two formed. True, there are teething issues with Noah not being a soldier and Laura underestimating him somewhat (but how nice to have the role reversal there), not to mention the wary approach of two cautious people embarking on a relationship, but when they settle their differences I loved the way they acknowledged each other’s strengths and offered comfort and support when needed. Especially as the tension ratchets up towards the end.

And that ending! Wow! Stuff happens and the indications for what’s coming up next… ZOMGWTFBBQ! I cannot wait to see what happens there, because ack! However, that’s a different story with different characters. As far as this book is concerned, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve liked Noah since the first Hell Squad book and been looking forward to finding out who could match his grumpy, arrogant awesomeness – and his book definitely does not disappoint in any way. Looking for a smart hero and a strong heroine, who form an excellent partnership with plenty of heat, loads of alien-fighting action and a tense, exciting plot that keeps you frantically flipping through the pages until the very end? Then you have got to give the Hell Squad series a try. And if you also have the Queen/Bowie song Under Pressure close at hand, that might help get you in the mood for this one.

Now where’s the next? Because… ZOMGWTFBBQ!

Hell Squad: Noah is Out Now!
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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