Review: Damage Control

cover-damage controlTitle: Damage Control
Author: Jess Anastasi
Series: Valiant Knox #2
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Oct 26th


In space, you can’t hide from temptation…

Nick-named Hardass by the new recruits, Leigh Alphin is captain of the Fighter Force of the battleship Valiant Knox. He’s honorable, straightforward, and hard as nails – except for the soft spot he has for a young woman he rescued off a transport under attack. Now that she’s one of his new recruits, it’s imperative he stop thinking about her in that way.

Especially now that the Knox has been secretly infiltrated by the enemy.

Mia Wolf’s new commanding officer is icy, no-BS, and completely gorgeous. His glances send heat searing through her. Neither of them can afford to make this mistake, yet desire takes hold, consuming them. For the first time, Leigh’s iron sense of honor falters as his heart fights for love… and against an enemy trying to destroy everything they hold dear.

Source: ARC from Entangled: Select Otherworld via NetGalley

After really enjoying the first book in this series (Escape Velocity) I was looking forward to this one, however, sadly, it didn’t quite work for me. Mostly because of the characters and the romance.

Leigh is a serious career soldier. He’s risen fast through the ranks over his fifteen years of service to lead the Fighter Force on the Valiant Knox. He’s driven, dedicated and seriously good at his job – yet he’s willing to throw all of that over because Mia swans into his life. Oh, he puts up some resistance, but really, it’s a blink and you’ll miss it attempt. For a man who’s worked so hard to get where he is and values the work he does so highly, I’d have expected something more.

Then there’s Mia. I just didn’t get Mia. She’s far too convenient. Firstly, how did she end up in the Fighter program anyway? She’s smart and a good fighter, true, but the kind of skills she shows off throughout the book suggest she should have been assigned elsewhere. And she doesn’t even want to be a pilot anyway. Secondly, I found the way she moons over Leigh to be entirely tedious. She doesn’t put up any resistance to their attraction at all, despite all the torturous thoughts about what it’ll do to both of their careers. Then there’s her habit of always calling him Leigh. You’d think she’d be smart enough to know that was a bad habit to develop, but nope. Add in her super hacker skills that come along at just the right moment, and I just found her annoying. I didn’t connect with either her or Leigh, and frequently wondered why I should care about two foolish people with self-control issues.

Sadly, I also had issues with the plot, particularly the appalling lack of security on the Knox. Mia looked up the schematics a few years ago and that means she can access everything on the ship. Really? There’s a war on. Do they all want to die? I wouldn’t really object to Mia and Leigh vanishing into the depths of space, but I do still like the other characters and would rather they stuck around. However, the spy plot was more intriguing and definitely held my attention throughout as I tried to work out who the mole might be.

There is still so much potential in this series. The war is interesting, most of the characters are intriguing and there’s always something going on, it’s just unfortunate that I couldn’t actually like either of the main characters this time. It’s not badly written because I read it easily enough (between eye rolls) and I definitely want to read more from the series. Maybe I’m just grumpy right now, but my level of patience just couldn’t stretch to self-indulgent angsting and lack of self-control in the middle of a war, between two characters who had very little between them to actually build a relationship on. Oh well, I shall still keep an eye out for the next one and hope that my tolerance level improves.

Damage Control is out October 26th.
Visit Jess Anastasi for more details.


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