Review: A Bramble House Christmas

cover-a bramble house christmasTitle: A Bramble House Christmas
Author: C.J. Carmichael
Series: Carrigans of Circle C #6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Finn Knightly a.k.a. Finn Conrad wants to know why his recently deceased father left his nurse fifty thousand dollars after knowing her a mere six weeks. So he travels to Bramble House B&B in Marietta, Montana to find answers.

But Willa Knightly is not the conniving woman he expects to find. Before he knows it, Willa-and her six-year-old son Scout-are stealing his heart. And that’s before he finds out Scout’s secret and the real reason this Christmas is so important.

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

Explore the wonder and joy of Christmas with another snowbound trip to Marietta, where a young boy is entranced by his first experience of snow, his mother is trying to learn to let go of her fears and a man who might be there under false pretenses but is in for quite the emotional shock. On top of all that is the magical Bramble House with its warm and welcoming owners and the rest of friendly Marietta.

For fans of the Carrigan/Bramble families this book is a real treat, giving glimpses as it does of some old characters while introducing a few new faces. If you’re new to it all, this book will also standalone pretty well and give you a great introduction to the series. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Willa is a sweet, likeable woman who has gone through hell dealing with her son’s cancer, and is struggling to adjust now that he’s in remission. (This isn’t a spoiler because they talk about it in the first chapter.) I absolutely loved this aspect of the book – the aftermath. Willa knows she should be delighted and carefree and over the moon that her son is better, but she’s spent so much time worrying that it’s hard to let go. I also loved her relationship with Scout – they’re quite the team and he’s absolutely adorable.

Then there’s Finn, who starts off suspicious and judgemental, yet slowly, steadily melts under the steady influence of Scout’s joy and Willa’s kindness. He’s clearly confused and grieving, even if he won’t admit it to himself, but I really enjoyed seeing him change as the book progressed – even if he is an idiot for keeping secrets.

Wrapped amidst this winter warm and charming romance is a small mystery about a sapphire ring and its possible connection to the Bramble family. It’s a fun plot that bubbles away in the background throughout and provides a nice link back to Marietta for two out of town characters. There are also new friendships to explore and plenty of Christmas cheer to enjoy.

If you’re looking for something sweet and enjoyable with plenty of Christmas warmth and a few small miracles to make the most of the season, then you should give this a try. Marietta is always a delight to visit and C.J. Carmichael’s stories are some of the best. Wrap up warm, sit yourself beside the fire (real or imagined) and settle in for a heartwarming winter wonder.

A Bramble House Christmas is Out Now!
Visit C.J. Carmichael for more details.


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