Review: In From The Cold

cover-in from the coldTitle: In From The Cold
Author: Meg Adams
Series: – –
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Nov 10th


Perfect families don’t always start with perfect ingredients.

Professional nanny Claire Iverson has wiped enough noses, butts and spills to qualify for a PhD in raising kids. She knows a toddler with a potty crisis when she sees one, and it’s clear this child’s impossibly handsome father doesn’t, since he’s sound asleep on the flight to Jackson, Wyoming.

Getting burned by her ex-boyfriend left her gun-shy around men, but when it comes to this beautiful little girl, she has to speak up. Just her luck, it turns out the man she just dressed down is her new boss.

Between his roles as full-time CEO and full-time father, Drake Driscoll is exhausted. If he can seal the next deal at his upcoming holiday house party, he’ll have room to breathe. He never expected for his daughter’s new nanny to take his breath away.

Claire hesitates to accept the warmth that beckons in Drake’s arms. But soon their attraction ignites, pulling them in deeper than either of them expected. Into passion that could weld them forever—or burn them to cinders.

Product Warnings: Hot chocolate, cozy fires, snowball fights and sizzling ski hut sex = one very merry holiday!

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

This is a short, sweet Christmas read that packs a couple of unexpected surprises. In a good way. I thought I knew what to expect from this tale, with Claire being the hard-working, but under appreciated nanny and Drake being the rich, overbearing, workaholic man who suddenly notices how beautiful and helpful and wonderful the nanny is and falls in love.

Which is sort of what I got, but not quite. For one thing Claire is only sort of a nanny. As a woman who feels things very deeply, a bad breakup left her an emotional mess that has taken her several years to recover from. During that time she worked for her sister as a nanny, so this Christmas assignment to watch a couple of kids at a private holiday house party is her first professional gig and her first step to reclaiming her life. What she gets is Drake and his adorable, bubbly daughter, Suzie, but also the quiet, sweet Yvette and her neglectful, bitter and emotionally unstable mother.

This book is told in first person by both Claire and Drake, and I really enjoyed reading both their thoughts on the whole situation. Claire is a caring woman made wary by her past, while Drake is unexpectedly devoted to Suzie and likewise shy of relationships thanks to his failed marriage. The pair of them are cute together as Drake gives Claire the attention and admiration she needs, while she listens to Drake and gives him a pleasant feeling of normality. He wasn’t nearly as overbearing as I expected and I appreciated that he was willing to go slow when Claire grew nervous. They also have a nice heap of chemistry which always helps things along.

I also loved the little girls. Suzie and Yvette are very different but adorable together, and poor Yvette’s so obviously starved for affection that I couldn’t help wondering throughout just what would happen to her. Especially when Drake hangs out with them all and Yvette latches onto him. I loved seeing the relationships build and develop between both adults and the children and how they formed into quite the little family throughout – which made the spectres of Yvette’s selfish parents all the more bitter.

The story itself unwinds at a steady pace, dealing with things at the perfect time and often in unexpected ways. There are good people and nasty people, cute kids, a satisfying romance, a nice touch of heat, some underhand manipulation and a few emotional twists, which all add up to an absorbing tale. If you’re looking for a cute Christmas read that offers up something more than the usual, then this might well be for you. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and will definitely be looking out for more from this author in the future.

In From The Cold is out November 10th!
Visit Meg Adams for more details.


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