Review: Some Girls Lie

cover-some girls lieTitle: Some Girls Lie
Author: Amy Andrews
Series: Outback Heat #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Local pub owner Jemima Jane Ericson is living a lie. She’s been in love with her best friend Ethan since forever. But he fell in love with another woman, married her, and despite their tempestuous relationship and decade old divorce, JJ knows Ethan’s heart is still down for the count. And friendship is better than nothing, right?

Single dad and Jumbuck Springs chief of police, Ethan Weston, hits the pub the night his ex-wife remarries and announces she wants custody of their daughter. When he wakes the next morning to find himself in JJ’s bed he’s mortified that they’d crossed a line they should never have crossed. Until JJ’s abusive ex, Shane, shows up at her door and Ethan claims he and JJ are engaged to protect her.

Both are stunned by the unravelling of their normally sane lives but suddenly it makes sense – JJ gets a deterrent and Ethan gets the respectability of a wife for any custody claims. But when JJ’s life is threatened, Ethan is forced to confront feelings that may just run much deeper than convenience…

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

This is the book I’ve been waiting for ever since I first met the Weston brothers in Some Girls Do. Not so much because of Ethan, the oldest brother, chief of police and amazing single dad, but because of JJ, local bar owner, best friend and the woman who has been in love with Ethan for most of her life. And, thankfully, JJ did not disappoint me one bit.

She’s great. I’ve liked her since she first appeared in this series, but her loyalty and strength prove themselves over and over in this book. Especially in the way she’s always been there, not just for Ethan, but his whole family – and especially his daughter – without turning herself into a sappy sad-sack. Yes, she loves the man, and he’s a vital part of her life, but that hasn’t stopped her living herself. Nor does it stop her from seizing her chance once she spots it.

While I did like Ethan too, there were times when I wanted to smack him around the head. Not just because he hadn’t noticed JJ in a romantic way before, but because of the way he let his ex-wife treat him for years. He’s a good man, but he’s also a touch oblivious and he’s lucky at one point that JJ doesn’t shoot him. Idiot.

In all this is a really enjoyable friends-to-lovers read that brings this series to a satisfying end. There’s lots of heat, a deep friendship, a touch of drama and a nice chance to catch up with the couples from the previous books. I really enjoyed it. It’s hot and spicy in all the right places, has a strong heroine who knows how to stand up for herself and what she deserves, and a hero who just wants to protect those he loves. It also deals with the emotional fall out from ex relationships and carries a darker undertone of domestic violence. I’m going to miss Jumbuck Springs, but I look forward to seeing what Amy Andrews writes next.

Some Girls Lie is Out Now!
Visit Amy Andrews for more details.


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