Review: The Christmas Curse

cover-the xmas curseTitle: The Christmas Curse
Author: Erika Marks
Series: Loveless and Dunn #6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Now


After three holiday heartbreaks in a row, caterer Emily Landon is determined to break her Christmas Curse–and what better way than to spend Christmas at the remote inn, Angel’s Landing, where her recently cold-footed boyfriend can’t reach her to break things off.

For small-town veterinarian Griffin Boone, the holidays always find him falling in love with the wrong woman–but this year he has a fail-proof plan to keep his heart safe: One last house call to Angel’s Landing’s aging Golden Retriever and he’s heading to a cabin in the woods to hide out until the New Year.

But when an ice storm strands Griffin at the inn with Emily, everyone’s careful holiday plans are tossed like last year’s tree.

Will unexpected attraction confirm Griffin and Emily’s worst fears–or could this year’s Christmas Curse be a blessing in disguise?

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

The absolute best thing about this Christmas novella for me was that despite its short length, the romance isn’t rushed. The majority of action takes place over a few winter days, but there’s no love-at-first-sight rush-into-bed haphazard action here. Instead Griff is gruff and grumpy, while Emily clearly isn’t thinking too straight. He doesn’t want to be there, she doesn’t want him to be there, but they’re stuck and they have to make the most of things – and get to know each other in the meantime.

Okay, if I’m honest, Emily wasn’t my kind of heroine. I know she’s only going up to the mountains to hide out in a cabin over Christmas to avoid her (waste of space) boyfriend from dumping her, but in flip flops? Really?Regardless of the fact that she doesn’t check the weather, the fact that she’s driving to a remote spot on her own without a phone or any kind of suitable clothing is definitely bordering on TSTL. It’s no wonder that Griff doesn’t think much of her when they meet.

Add in Emily’s desperate need to be married, even to men who are clearly all wrong for her and actively crush her dreams, and let’s just say she won’t be on my favourites list.

Luckily Griff is better, in a grumpy kind of way. He’s a man with a past and a far better reason to hate Christmas. Yet he gives up his plans because of a very old dog that needs company. He’s sweet and nice under his gruff exterior, and he definitely has a good reason for swearing off relationships.

The friendship and relationship between him and Emily is a steady, slow burner and I enjoyed seeing it unfold and the way Griff gradually relaxed. Overall this is a cute, quick read with a touch of Christmas cheer and sweetness. Snuggle up somewhere warm and enjoy.

The Christmas Curse is Out Now!
Visit Erika Marks for more details.


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