Review: For Promise Yet Unbroken

cover-for promise yet unbrokenTitle: For Promise Yet Unbroken
Author: Tygati
Series: No Man’s Land #2
Genre: M/M Sci-Fi
Length: Short novel
Available: Dec 2nd


Jeremey has been an unrepentant troublemaker since the day he learned to walk, with no intention of slowing down—until the day tragedy struck.

Now a young man, Jeremey seeks to make amends for his wild youth and fulfill an unspoken promise he once made years ago to the people of Noman. All he needs is a dragon and a chance to prove himself, which is easier said than done in the face of a crashed spaceship, hostile aliens, a deadly plague, and interstellar war.

Still, if there’s anyone up to the task, it’s Jeremey Jasper, troublemaker extraordinaire.

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

I really love the setting of this series – a space western with alien dragons. It’s fun and intriguing and has space cowboys. Okay, so in terms of emotional depth this one really does skim across the top of things, and the action always feels light and fun rather than as dangerous as it probably should, but I don’t care, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jeremey was a minor character in the first book of the series (the short In the Hours of Darkness), but it’s been several years since then and the wild-child troublemaker has changed. Now he’s quiet and determined, used to being overlooked and unwanted, but with dreams of keeping his whole planet safe. When he teams up with a spirited, sapphire dragon he names Promise, Jeremey believes he’s on his way to achieving his dream.

I liked Jeremey, even if he isn’t the most compelling of characters. He’s sweet and haunted by the death of his parents, and his relationship with Promise is lovely. They’re an excellent team and I loved the by-play with the hat. True, because I’d read the first book I was constantly waiting for a certain something to happen, but there’s plenty of other things to keep me interested along the way.

Like crashed space ships, a possible alien invasion, and the return of Charlie and Zorevan! It takes a while and I was sad at first that they weren’t around, but they do show up eventually, and we learn a whole lot more about the dragons along the way. In fact the gaps I noticed in the first book are quite neatly filled in here, which I appreciated.

There is a romance, but it’s never the main objective of the story, nor does it progress very far. I’m not completely sure how old Jeremey is, but it’s obvious he’s still a teenager and he’s pretty emotionally immature and innocent. The romance itself seems more about confusion for him, and he feels the smallest things more deeply than I’d have expected. He’s got a lot of growing up still to do, but luckily the romance reflects that and doesn’t push him too far.

Overall I liked this. I love the dragons, I think the world of Noman is fascinating and Jeremey is a sweetheart. It was also really nice to see Charlie and Zorevan again and learn more about the dragons, not to mention the wider universe beyond this frontier planet. If you’re looking for a light sci-fi read with some excitement and action, but nothing too deep or dark, then you’ll probably enjoy this. I did, and I look forward to seeing where this series heads next – more Jeremey would be good, but I’m curious about grumpy Jack too.

For Promise Yet Unbroken is out December 2nd!
Visit Tygati for more details.


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