Review: Her Sworn Enemy

cover-her sworn enemyTitle: Her Sworn Enemy
Author: Theresa Meyers
Series: Men of the Zodiac (Pisces)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: Dec 7th


Money doesn’t matter when what you want is revenge.

Self-made millionaire and family black sheep Tucker McCormack has one goal—payback. He’s planning a hostile takeover of the McCormack empire, but his latest roadblock is too beautiful to resist…and she’s his brother’s ex.

Headstrong antiquities expert Belladonna Dupre has put every asset she has on the line to recover her family’s fortunes from a shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico, but she needs a dive salvage operator to make it happen. Enter Tucker McCormack. He’s smart, good with his hands, and sexy as hell in a dive suit, but he demands joint credit for the discovery as a condition to work with her.

Bella won’t be bullied into giving up what’s rightly hers. Tuck won’t take no for an answer. It’s a battle on the high seas, where sparks fly, attraction smolders, and anything can happen.

Source: ARC from Entangled: Indulgence via NetGalley

On the whole I enjoyed this tale, mostly because of the salvage plot – that was fun and different, and precisely what drew me to this book in the first place. As for Bella and Tuck, well, they were interesting characters, both stubborn and determined and driven by their pasts, but both equally prone to foolish things.

I kept wanting to like Bella. She’s smart and focused and strong, except every time she made a firm stand against Tuck – for full recognition of her work, for leadership of the expedition – she almost instantly backed down. And that really annoyed me. Since she does exactly the same thing when it comes to a relationship between the two of them, I suppose she deserves points for consistency. Things do get better as the pair get to know each other and she stops trying to gain the upper hand, but only because she steps back and lets Tuck run the show.

As for Tuck, he’s all right – sexy, swaggering, good at what he does, consumed by hatred for his father’s family… you know, ordinary millionaire alpha romance hero kind of things. I did like how he recognises Bella’s strengths and admires her intelligence. I didn’t like the way he handles a few things towards the end. If Bella is always backing down, then Tuck just defaults to revenge mode. The pair of them need a good shake.

However, in between Bella’s foolishness at the start and Tuck’s towards the end, the story moves along quite nicely – with lots of sex and admittedly not a lot else. It’s easy to read and enjoyable, if not a real attention grabber. There are a couple of aspects of the plot that felt a little unnecessary – not least Bella’s previous relationship with Tuck’s brother, because I expected more to come from that – but I loved Bella’s aunt and I did enjoy the salvage stuff.

So overall this is okay. If you’re looking for a contemporary romance that demands nothing but your reading attention, then this will fit the bill. The setting is nicely different, even if the plot is very familiar. The characters are nice enough without being too disagreeable and there’s plenty of heat to go with the romance. If you want something easy with a dash of the sea about it, then give this a try.

Her Sworn Enemy is out December 7th!
Visit Theresa Meyers for more details.


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