Review: Cowboy Not Included

cover-cowboy not includedTitle: Cowboy Not Included
Author: Em Petrova
Series: Boot Knockers Ranch #6
Genre: Red Hot Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


She never expected to feel the vibrations all the way to her broken heartstrings.

The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 6

Diapers and baby food are uppermost in Skye Blackwood’s mind—at least until she’s alone at night. Two years is a long time, and her toy collection isn’t all that satisfying. Especially since her battery-operated lovers came from Booker, her ex.

Everyone said they married too young, and they were right. He could be a bigger part of their daughter’s life, though, so she tracks him down—and is shocked to discover he’s working at a Texas sex therapy ranch. She reserves a week of something tall, dark, and cowboy for herself, planning to use her down time to talk to Booker.

When Skye steps onto the Boot Knockers stage, Booker doesn’t hesitate to pull the plug. A giant misunderstanding may have ended things between them, but no way is he letting another cowboy into her bed.

Once alone, their animal attraction flares back to life. But time hasn’t healed the emotional wounds that still run deep. And renewing their old bond could be the biggest mistake they ever made…

Warning: Contains smoking-hot sex scenes with toys, without toys, with an extra partner, and just one-on-one. Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced cowboy lovers. Sorry, you’ll have to supply your own batteries. Better buy a case. Oh, hell, just buy stock in the company.

Warning – this review may contain spoilers, bad language and fictional violence against fictional characters.
You have been warned.

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

I didn’t like Booker. No, actually, I really did not like Booker at all in this book. It was the scene early on where he ties up the sleeping Skye to stop her from sneaking out and finding a different cowboy to bang while he slipped away to fuck a friend that did it for me. That was a scene he couldn’t come back from in my book. Because if he gets something on the side, damn right Skye gets the choice too. The fact he tied her up and did it behind her back infuriated me. And the lengths he goes to to keep other cowboys away really didn’t help.

Maybe, just maybe, if Booker had been a better guy I would have got over it. Though I highly doubt it. Regardless, Booker isn’t a better guy. In fact he’s a massive jerk. Yes, the pair of them married young, but from what details emerge throughout the story Booker is a flirt. He flirts with everyone and everything. Which is fair enough, because Skye must have known what she was getting. Except once they got married it seems like he stopped flirting with her. Because he married her, and that means she should know she’s the only one for him. Except I’m thinking he flirted with her a lot when they were going out – so he stopped when she got pregnant and they married. Can’t think why that would make him seem at all untrustworthy to a hormone-heavy pregnant woman who then becomes a sleep-deprived young mother and probably really needs the man in her life to stop flirting with every damned other person they meet and pay her the attention she needs to know she’s still loved and desired!

And then he vanishes for two days. Without a word. Leaving her alone with the baby. When he knew they had trust issues. I don’t even care why he did it! He refuses to tell her anyway because he made a promise, because you know lying to his wife isn’t a problem or anything. So instead he lets her kick him out, allows his marriage to die without a fight and vanishes from his baby girl’s life for two whole years, and yes, he sends support money and gets a pathetic tattoo about how his daughter in the missing piece of his heart. But he left! And he didn’t go back! And when Skye shows up at the ranch to talk to him and look for some sexual relief – which she doesn’t want from him – he ties her up and scares all the other men away.

Yeah, Booker will never make my swoon-worthy list. The man’s a dick. I have no idea why Skye wanted him back, and I completely did not buy the fact that she didn’t care he’d been banging a different woman each week in the name of therapy. Considering the trust issues. There’s some lame-ass explanation that she knew those others didn’t mean anything, not even the guy he’s fucking while she’s there, because she and Booker have a special magic connection that means so much more than sex. Ha! Pull the other one it’s a unicorn.

Safe to say this one didn’t work for me. Like the other Boot Knockers books it’s high on the sexy scale, though this one seemed to kick everything up a level in terms of sheer exhibitionism. Skye gets naked at every opportunity while Booker makes the most of the chance to handle her in public, and she has absolutely no inhibitions at all. Maybe if Booker hadn’t hit all the wrong buttons for me right at the start I would have liked it more, and actually the menage scenes were really nicely done. But sadly I found Skye’s sudden lack of jealousy regarding Booker unconvincing, while Booker himself deserved to be kneed in the balls while Skye went off with the first cowboy she met – preferably Teller. If she’d done that and found happiness elsewhere, I’d have probably loved it. And if she’d stolen all his toys on the way, I’d have cackled like a demon.

As it was… meh. If you’re looking for a scorching read with lots and lots of sexy times, this book – this whole series – will definitely do that for you. Probably best if you’re not bothered about the characters themselves though, at least in this one. Otherwise, your mileage with Booker will vary depending on how you viewed my wee rant above. If you think you can handle a guy like this, go for it, if my run down made you as annoyed as I was, then probably steer clear. Maybe try one of the other books in this series instead, because there’s plenty of sexy fun to be had elsewhere.

Cowboy Not Included is Out Now.
Visit Em Petrova for more details.


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