Review: Last Chance Christmas

cover-last chance xmasTitle: Last Chance Christmas
Author: Joanne Rock
Series: – –
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Now


Fashion buyer Shea Walker had a fast track lifestyle until a car accident sidelines her to a painful recovery. Seeking quiet for the holidays, Shea returns to the snowy mountains where she grew up to make peace with her past and spend time with her estranged family. She never expected J.C. Royce–now a hockey star–would return to their hometown, too. Determined to avoid that particular sexy mistake, she’s caught off guard when her first night in town brings them face to face.

Seeing Shea practically fall at his feet is gratifying, until J.C. realizes his proud former friend, who he once thought would become a whole lot more, is truly hurt–and in more ways than she lets on. Lucky for Shea, he’s got a big house just sitting empty and a tree ready to decorate, as she is in no shape to stay by herself. With his bad boy arrogance down to an art form after eight years in the NHL, J.C. is more than a match for feisty Shea. Especially when it comes to her outrageous claim that there was never any chemistry between them…

But when it comes to convincing her to stick around town until the New Year, he just might need a Christmas miracle.

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

This is a cosy, enjoyable Christmas read, with a heap of second chances, making peace with the past and lots and lots of snow. After suffering a car accident Shea’s come home to finally make peace with her parents after ten years of tension. However, she hasn’t mentioned that to them, so when she arrives she finds out they’re in Hawaii – and the man who broke her teenage heart seems to be in their place.

I liked Shea, although she does have a habit of running away from her problems and not talking about things. Such as her accident. I’m still not sure if she’d even told her parents about it, but I think not. She also never really sits down with JC to talk about why he made the decisions he did without telling her. It’s all just dusted over because of sex and loneliness and making the most of the cold season. I liked JC too, even if his lack of communication did annoy me at times.

The relationship between these two moves swiftly. They’ve barely even met back up again before they’re in bed. Which considering all the past hurts that Shea’s been lugging around, does seem a bit too quick. Yet I didn’t mind too much, because this is a feel-good winter read that is full of snuggly moments and doesn’t delve too deep.

If I let myself think about it too much I could probably pick more pieces out, but for once I don’t want to. It made me feel good, it’s cute and cosy with a nice touch of heat and it left me smiling, especially with that ending. If you want something sweet and undemanding this Christmas, with a hint of hockey and plenty of community spirit, then give this a try.

Last Chance Christmas is Out Now!
Visit Joanne Rock for more details.


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