Review: Broomsticks, Walking Sticks & Zimmer Frames

cover-broomsticks, walking sticks and zimmerframesTitle: Broomsticks, Walking Sticks and Zimmer Frames
Author: Sue Moorhouse
Genre: Fairy Tales
Contents: 14 short stories
Available: Now


Fairy Tales for the Mature.

‘Why is it always the young and glamorous – the beautiful princesses and handsome princes – who dominate fairy tales? These fun, adult, fairy tales are written from the viewpoint of the older characters: Red Riding Hood’s grandma, a fairy godmother with a touch of Alzheimer’s, the matron of Rapunzel’s boarding school, a very stressed planning officer, the troll in the tower block and many more.’

Source: From the author via email

This fun collection retells fourteen familiar fairy tales from a slightly different perspective, mostly using an older character for the narrator’s role – hence the Fairy Tales for the Mature subtitle. Most of them have a distinctly quirky tone and plenty of humour, though sometimes it’s quite dark.

Such as the Hansel and Gretel version told by the severed head of the witch. Or the blog entry from Snow White’s stepmother as she tries to explain her side of the story. Older people and elderly care pops up a few times too, with Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother having Alzheimer’s, the extremely curmudgeonly troll from Three Billy Goats Gruff living in a rundown flat, or two care home residents who are trying to work out whether a rude newcomer really is a princess with the help of a pea. Red Riding Hood’s grandmother also plays her part in defeating an intruder, while Aladdin’s gran gives her take on their time with genies.

One of my favourites was the flustered man from the council planning office trying to deal with a trio of obstinate Bacon siblings, and I really liked Granddad Peter’s take on the Pied Piper tale. I also thought the dark evangelical gloss over the Chicken Little tale was brilliantly creepy too.

There are also a few twists on Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and the Three Bears, and the less well known Musicians of Bremen gets an outing too.

Using a light touch with plenty of humour and lots of imagination, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of twisted tales. Perfect for fans of fairy tales looking for an unexpected perspective, or for anyone in need of a sly and sometimes cynical chuckle at the world we live in today.

Broomsticks, Walking Sticks and Zimmer Frames is Out Now!


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