Review: Malibu Secrets

cover-malibu betrayalsTitle: Malibu Secrets
Author: MK Meredith
Series: Malibu Sights #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Dec 14th


On the verge of losing the Malibu home she inherited from her great-aunt, Addi Dekker is completely failing to prove to her family she can make it as a writer. Not exactly how a girl proves her independence. If she doesn’t want to give up her dream and go back to the soul-sucking job she just left, Addi has to swallow her dislike of Hollywood and rent the house out to the sexy-as-hell film producer.

And maybe (shhhh!) save money by secretly living there, too.

Roque Gallagher is pouring his heart and savings into his first independent film to make the industry acknowledge him for his talent and not just his family name. Addi’s home is perfect for the shoot, but she’s far too tempting. He’s never been able to handle work and a relationship, and this is the film of a lifetime. Between a shrinking budget and his director quitting, the last thing he needs is a sexy-as-sin tease like Addi. And he has a feeling there’s something she’s hiding…

Source: ARC from Entangled: Select Contemporary via NetGalley

I find it a little hard to get behind the romance in a story when the heroine is not just lying to the hero, but stealing from him as well. Especially when Addi’s problems are pretty much of her own making. She also spends far too much time whining about how no one will treat her like a grown up, while acting like an oblivious, selfish child. So, yeah, there were times when I struggled to get into this book.

Thankfully, Roque is lovely. Considering his famous family he could have been spoilt or stuck up or selfish or… oh, sorry, I seem to be talking about Addi again. Anyway, Roque’s a good guy who is working really hard to break out on his own and get people to take him seriously. In fact, there are times when he works too hard and doesn’t seem to know when to let go. Which is why he’s such a failure at relationships. Until Addi comes along.

If this book had just been about the Addi he ends up working with, I would have really liked it, because that Addi is excellent at her job and nice to people, even if her teasing/challenging of Roque was sometimes a bit annoying. Unfortunately it isn’t and all the things Addi’s hiding meant that I actually felt sorry for Roque, even when he was being a bit of an idiot and a complete workaholic jerk. Which was confusing. But only because Addi has her own selfish reasons for needing to talk to him now, now, now, even when she knew what she was signing up for and how important the film was to him. But that doesn’t matter because Addi is more important! Always!

However, in the rare moments when she wasn’t annoying me, I did enjoy this book. The sex is hot, some of the secondary characters are fun and interesting, and the movie stuff provides an excellent backdrop for it all. I just didn’t like the heroine. Your own mileage may vary depending on how much of Addi’s behaviour you can stomach. Or you could just read it for Roque, because to be honest he is kind of worth it.

Malibu Secrets is out December 14th!
Visit MK Meredith for more details.


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