Review: A Bad Boy for Christmas

cover-a bad boy for xmasTitle: A Bad Boy for Christmas
Author: Kelly Hunter
Series: Jackson Brothers #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Now


How can he protect his family when he no longer knows what family is?

Cutter Jackson’s perfect world is crumbling. A new-found half-brother, a father short on answers, and a woman who challenges his every word will do that to a man. He’s losing his authority, his morality and his restraint with every breath. And there’s still Christmas and New Year to navigate.

Street-savvy Mia Blake isn’t looking for a place in the family Cutter loves so much. As for the lust that sparks between them, Mia’s more than happy to fan those flames and drive them both a little nuts. She can handle it. She can handle him right up until the moment Cutter decides he wants more than a holiday fling…

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

This is my first taste of the Jackson Brothers series, and I have to admit that at first I wasn’t convinced. Not because of Cutter, even if he is bossy and arrogant, but because of Mia. In the first chapter she goes out of her way to be irritating and annoying, and there was a moment when I very nearly put this book down.

Thankfully, I didn’t, because despite Mia’s wind-up ways, I really enjoyed this book. It’s full of fast, funny dialogue, some great sibling interactions and then there’s the whole issue with Cutter and his brothers having their whole world turned upside down by the arrival of Nash – a fourth brother, who’s also older. 

I think this was what made me fall for Cutter, because he’s always been the older brother until now, when not only does he have to face the fact that there’s another brother out there, but one who is older than him, yet that doesn’t stop him from accepting Nash. In fact, the way he goes about dragging Nash into the family – and getting other members of the family to fall in line – is totally unsubtle, quite a bit bossy and pretty brash, but it shows how much he cares, and I loved that.

Mia is confident and strong-minded and rejects authority automatically, so on the surface she’s the complete opposite of what Cutter should want – and likewise, she shouldn’t want anything to do with him. Yet, somehow, they match perfectly. Once she stops acting like a child – or at least reveals why she’s acting that way – I liked her, and I loved how the pair of them interacted, both when they were trying to resist the attraction and afterwards.

Fast and fun with a nice touch of heat and plenty of family drama, I really enjoyed my first taste of the Jackson men, and it definitely won’t be my last. Luckily there are two previous novels to keep me busy while waiting for Nash’s book.

A Bad Boy for Christmas is Out Now!
Visit Kelly Hunter for more details.


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