Review: Operation White Christmas

cover-operation white xmasTitle: Operation White Christmas
Author: Nicki Edwards
Series: Escape to the Country #2.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Dec 17th


Hollie Douglas has dreamed of a White Christmas ever since she was a child, but her dream implodes when her fiancé breaks her heart two months before their big day. Convinced by her best friend to go ahead with her planned honeymoon anyway, Hollie doesn’t expect to find herself stuck in a snowstorm in rural Canada two days before Christmas.

Jim Bell has been dreading another Christmas without his wife. When one of his orphaned animals goes missing in the middle of a snowstorm, he didn’t expect he’d be rescuing a stranded Australian tourist as well. He quickly realizes Hollie is carrying as much emotional baggage as him, and when she accepts his offer to seek shelter at his farm, he wonders if he’s doing the right thing.

As Jim helps Hollie fulfill her White Christmas dreams, the winter wonderland and spirit of Christmas work their healing magic on both of them.

Source: ARC from Escape Publishing via NetGalley

This is a cute, Christmas romance in which everything happens very quickly and everyone’s really nice (well, apart from the ex-fiancé), with snow and a cute baby llama. It’s an enjoyable read, but never delves particularly deep.

Of course, being a novella there’s no room for a long drawn out romance, but I have to admit this one was just a bit too sudden. Considering Hollie splits up from her partner of eight years just two months before her wedding, she doesn’t seem all that cut up about it. True, she doesn’t meet Jim until two months later, but considering her dream white Christmas Canadian holiday should have been her honeymoon, she doesn’t do much reflecting about what could have been. Instead she meets Jim and falls for him instead.

Likewise, Jim’s a widower and while he does think sad thoughts about his deceased wife, his feelings for Hollie deepen really fast. They’re together for two weeks, but he pretty much falls for her the moment they meet. Cute and all, but not particularly convincing.

Add in a very open ended ending and this book feels a little too short, skimming across the top of a longer tale to fit in with a Christmas fix. Considering that I thought the last Escape to the Country book was a little overlong, I now feel like Goldilocks – here’s hoping the next in the series will be just right.

All that being said, though, this was sweet and enjoyable and easy to read, but don’t expect anything too deep or meaningful and be prepared for it all to happen really quickly. If you can do that, then you should hopefully enjoy this little light-hearted culture clash between Australia and Canada, with plenty of snow and a nice hint of Christmas cheer. I look forward to seeing where this series heads next.

Operation White Christmas is out December 17th!
Visit Nicki Edwards for more details.


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